I Guided Prototype Surveillance Drone to Get-Away Car


In there is a surveillance drone, a prototype of some sort for a new model. It’s just what I need to make my case.


Hey stranger,” Paula whispers.

I scream like a girl until Paula covers my mouth with her palm.

Jesus Christ!” I glare at her when she lets go.

And you said you were the tough one,” She mocks.

I am. Who’s in there? You said it would be empty Paula.”

It’s supposed to be.”

Maybe we should wait a few more minutes.”

I ponder for a moment. Without the drone, I’d never get the footage I need to exonerate our friend Kyle.


Kyle had been accused of being The Destroyer. A nameless, faceless person who vandalizes school property at night. Not only that, but The Destroyer also had a knack for setting dangerous traps for students and teachers.


The school authority had tried several times to apprehend him to no avail. But they would tonight, with my help. Thanks to my investigation, and love for Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, I’d come up with a foolproof plan to catch whoever it was. And if I was honest, Paula made some cool contributions too, but not as cool as mine.


No. We need to distract him. You’re up.”

She rolled her eyes and gave me a key card.

We’ll meet in the car ok?”



Paula creeps out and disappears into the hallway. A few minutes later the fire alarm goes off. I wait and watch the guard exit the room and then make my move.


I open the doors with my the key card, an all-access master key card Paula had gotten from her Dad two summers ago. She’d tricked him into it, and with that Paula could visit any Skye store or branch and get any Skye product, without paying, as well as have access to the coolest rooms in the facility.


I envied her! In my next life, I want to be Paula Skye.


I key in the code on the computer to gain access to the system. It was encrypted. I had expected it.


Luckily, I also had Sekani Johnson on the ‘Exonerate Kyle Team.’


He was a genius hacker who was always ready for a challenge. I pull my cell phone out, dial his number and put him on speaker. I also insert the drive he’d given me into the computer.


Ok SJ, you’re up.”

And it’s time to get this baby rolling,” Sekani hoots.

On the other end of the phone, I could hear the sounds of keys clicking.

Just as I said Mikey, my man-”

I’m not your man,” I cut him off.


Anyway my super dope drive as I said has cloned the entire system, so you just sit back and watch me hack in on my end. Bingo!”

The light on the computer turns to green, and I’m granted access.

Thanks, bro. I can take it from here.”

Awww, you called me bro.”


I frown into my phone. “Sekani, don’t be weird.”

I end the call and use the computer to unlock the vault where the drone was.


It was beautiful! Too bad we were only borrowing it. I try holding it, but it was a bit heavy. Ok, I am not skipping gym class next semester.


The drone came with its tablet, that functioned as a control board. I use it to turn the drone on and guide it away, to our get-away car.


Five minutes later, Paula was driving to the school where I’d already dispatched the drone too.

Lindy Crawford,” Paula said.

I sigh in exasperation.

For the last time, Paula stop guessing who the perp is. And what makes you think it’s a girl?”

What makes you think it’s not?” She countered.

I was smart. I didn’t take the bait.

You could never win an argument with Paula Skye.

I had a feeling she would make a cool lawyer if she decided to be one.


Paula parks a safe distance from the school, and we watch the footage of the drone. One of its key features and what made it perfect for this mission was its ability to be camouflaged. Right now, it hovered a few feet above The Destroyer, watching his every move, footage that was being recorded.


I couldn’t help but appreciate Skye Tech. And Paula. Guess it was kind of a package deal.


Minutes later, the Drone follows The Destroyer to his home and we follow the Drone.


It’s a Grey House in one of the finest estates in Tampa Bay.

We watch in anticipation as The Destroyer takes off his mask, the Drone feeding us a clear shot from a bedroom window.

Paula gasps. I could have sworn that my eyes fell out.

Well, I did not see that coming,” I confessed.


Me either, Mike.”

It was Daphne Payne.

The cool, popular, classy, girly-girl pretty damsel. My crush.

Off course it was Daphne Payne. It was just like me to fall for a badass chic.


At least now I knew the truth.

I give Paula a pleading look.

Do we have to save Kyle?” I ask.

Oh come on!” She glares at me.

I mean, it’s Kyle. And it’s Daphne. Kyle. Daphne. Kyle. Daphne.”

Mike, this is not up for debate. You can find another, not-a-criminal girl to crush on.”



I may not have gotten the girl, but I did prove one thing that I was a damn good reporter.

Let’s see them turn down my application to join the school paper now.

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