I Flew my Drone to Take Aerial Videos

I had just the right drone and equipment for the aerial shot. The drone itself was of the type that included a video camera on the precise spot to guarantee FPV, or First Person View, meaning that I was able to visualize everything as if I was flying the drone from the inside as if piloting a plane.


The video camera transmitted the signal to me on the ground, to the perfect receiver that was part of my controller which included a nice screen. This way I had much more freedom to fly and explore with more control than having to strain my neck and make the drone stay close to the ground.


I started at my old high school and sent the drone up and flying, going around the building a couple of times to make sure I had all the necessary shots. Maybe I even ventured a little closer, just for the sake of it. I looked into windows, explored the outside hallways, rested a little on the roof, all from the perspective of my little plane-like friend. With a smile on my face, I brought the drone back to me on the street in front of the school and, not ready to go home yet, and we continued to explore.


First, I sent the drone up and down the streets that surrounded the school. It was part of our history, walking those streets day after day and year after year. I made stops and moved in circles a few times on the particular places where all the kids used to hang out.


In the way, I discovered a couple of things that had changed from building sporting new colors to new stores over the old ones and full brand new houses. But I was also pleased to catch sight of familiar things. A graffiti I had been used to hang out around and complain at our loud youthfulness.


The drone moved swiftly while I remained comfortably on the ground, my eyes glued to the screen and feeling as if I was actually up in the air.


It was quite emotional, seeing a whole new set of teenagers hanging out at a few of the places where I used to go. As it was sad noticing that other places had vanished, I would have to question a few friends about the things that had changed. But it was mostly nice to notice our old houses hadn’t changed much. I moved the drone above familiar streets and covering rooftops of houses I used to visit, more than once caught sight of my friends’ parents, older but just as familiar.


I was aware my duty was about to end, so I decided to explore a little from my privileged stop in the air. I sent the drone higher and higher to take a look at the city from the sky. It was beautiful, far from perfect, but it brought certain warmth in my heart. Maybe hanging out with a bunch of people that I grew up with wouldn’t be so bad. I had this video to remind of the experience.

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