My Custom Drone Exploded and Crashed in a Race


Drone race had never been so much fun before now before I got myself a custom made racing drone to participate in the upcoming drone racing competition. There was something about a custom-made racing drone, it just so unique and beautiful, powerfully and specially made for you and you alone.


My super motor-blade custom made racing drone arrived today. I was playing the video game at home with my younger brother when the bell rang twice, and on the third ring, I went to open the door. Before I was the delivery guy, who had a package for me. I had forgotten that I had ordered anything. He asked for my name, I told him, and he gave me the package and had me a sign. I did, he smiled and left.


Who was that?” Jud, my younger brother, asked.


A package for me, I guess,” I replied and set the big and heavy package on the floor. It was a box and wrapped with a foil like it was a gift from someone that knew me and my address. I laid the box on the table and tore the foil and unboxing the box after that. Low and behold, it was the drone I had ordered some weeks back for the upcoming racing competition.


Wow!” Jud beamed with excitement. “It’s beautiful, bro.”



My Customized Racing Drone

I couldn’t hold back the joy I felt on seeing the custom race drone. It was beautiful with a sleek metal body and metal propellers to aid in the flight. The landing gear was also beautiful and looked firm to carry its weight. I loved it; I loved everything about the drone. From the body to the propellers and down to the remote control and the special effects goggle it had come with, everything was just so beautiful and to my specification; just like I wanted it, nothing short of expectation.


I had the battery charged up, and before it was late in the day, Jud and I had been out test-running the drone. It responded well; the sensors were sharp and responsive to every command from the remote which made the test-run to be fun and superb. I felt like a pilot flying around in a little plane while I was out testing the drone. I was satisfied with what I had seen so far and with that satisfaction; I knew that I was surely winning the drone race coming up.


Bro, I think you are going to win this race,” Jud said to me while we were done.

I can’t wait, lil bro, I just can’t wait,” I responded with glee. “With this drone with me, all I have to say is bring it on!”


The Day of the Race

The day of the race came after much wait and anticipation and even series of practice in preparation to this day. The crowd that had gathered to watch the drone race was cheering up in the distance. The other four competitors and I were standing before our drones that were droning idly on the floor, waiting for that command to take up flight and begin the race. Amongst the drones before us, mine was the better one with much-sophisticated specs and edge over the rest. I smiled on seeing the drones that looked deadbeat and overused.


Nothing is stopping me from winning this race. It’s an easy win for me; I thought to myself smiling contemptuously. This should be fun, let the race begin!


The instruction of the race was a simple one; get to the finish line before the others. We knew all about that, and the crowd was watching, it was promised to be fun, but not as I had intended it to be, because from what I had seen, it was going to be so much fun, for me, for my drone because we were winning this surely.


I was Winning the Race

The race started, my drone was the first to respond to the command to take up the flight, and within seconds, I was ahead of the rest. From the special effects goggle clasped on my face, I could see vividly where I was heading to. The rest of the competitors were obviously behind me; they couldn’t beat the speed of my drone as it wheezed ahead.


I could hear the crowd cheering and screaming. It was enthralling; I was enjoying the easy win. Jud was among the crowd cheering me up, and I was going to make him proud of his big brother. He should be smiling now that he knew that we were winning this and nothing could stop us from that. I knew it wasn’t a thing of a surprise to him that I was winning and would finish up first because when we got here and saw the deadbeat drones the rest of the competitors brought, he said to me, “Big bro, go kick some asses.”


And I had responded with, “Easy win.”

I could see the finish line now before me, it was closer to me, and I felt the race was even faster and more comfortable than I had expected. I knew it wasn’t; it was just my super powerful drone making it seem so. It was a difficult race for the rest of the four competitors because they had a tough opponent to beat.


My Drone Exploded and Crash-landed

I was sure that in a few seconds, I would be the winner of the race because before me, was the finish line to cross in say ten seconds. And in what seemed like the sixth second, something happened. An explosion was heard from the side of my drone. Maybe it was the propeller on the left. I couldn’t see it. Then suddenly, the drone started jerking off, the camera momentarily blurring and shutting off.

I tried to gain control of the drone, but it was useless, the drone was descending horrendously like an airplane that was about to crash.

Common, you can’t do this to me! What the heck is happening?!” I panicked and continued fighting with the remote control until the drone crash-landed on the ground knocking me out of the race. What happened, I couldn’t tell, but all I knew was that I was few seconds to be crowned the winner of the race.


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