I Flew my Drone at High Speed and Crashed in Alaska


In Juneau, the capital of Alaska on a warm Sunday afternoon, I set off with my drone to fly over the mountainous terrain of the city. It was a pretty dull day, and I was lonely at home. So, the idea of going out to catch some beautiful outdoor scenes was inviting, and I didn’t ponder on it as it came.


As the thoughts hit me, I pulled out my drone and carried it outside to fly. Juneau is a city surrounded by mountains and water, more like an island. So, my house was a bit at the hill, and I wanted to know what the view of the top of the mountains would be from the verandah where I stood with the drone set on the wooden floor.


I checked the blades, the engine, and the cameras to confirm that it was in good shape. Indeed, it was in perfect shape to fly in the sky this cloudy and warm Sunday afternoon. The remote in my hands seemed to be in good condition, too. I powered it on and allowed it drone idly on the floor while it warmed up to take flight.


As it was droning and warming up, I remembered when I first bought it and the first time I set it out to take flight. It was on a very lonely day like today, but I was in a happy state because I had just gotten myself a new drone and was enthusiastic about it all and under much excitement and suspense to see it levitate and fly over the mountains. It had worked perfectly that day and every other day I used it, but over the years, due to lots of crashing and fixing, it had become a bit weak and blunt regarding the response.


So, today I wasn’t expecting a nice and smooth flight with it, I would hope it would give me the view of the mountains and the sea not far from my house. I had wanted to see how that particular sea and mountain tops will look like from here, the view from the cameras on the drone. It was going to be a beautiful view and adventurous, too.


While I had believed in me that it had warmed up enough to take flight, I pressed the flight button on the remote, nothing happened. I thought my remote or the flight button or the sensor on the drone had developed a problem; I panicked, my heart slammed erratically. I wondered what it could be this time.


It had been two months since I used the drone last even though it responded immediately I powered it on—which surprised the hell out of me—I was expecting difficulties in getting it on. But there wasn’t any of that and here before me, was the problem. It had refused to respond; to levitate off the floor and take flight.


I think it’s high time; I took you for a thorough servicing to know what the hell has come over you,” I breathed out wishing I had done something else to keep myself busy than the effing drone.


I pressed on the flight button again (for the fifth time now, not like I was counting though), but this time, harder than I had, heck, the way I pressed it now, it felt like I was going to compress the button and eventually spoil the remote, but it all seemed to solve the problem.


The drone, with its blades propelling correctly with wheezing speed, lifted off the ground steadily and began ascending into the warm air. Its blades were rolling faster in the air now, and the wheezing sound had engulfed the droning of the engine.


I beamed as I saw it fly into the sky and quickly put on my special effects goggles for a clearer view of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the sea. The goggles didn’t give me problems in putting it on. In a few seconds, I saw the view of the mountains, the sea, the greenness of the vegetation that surrounded the mountains and the sea.


Wow, it’s beautiful!” I heard myself say. I was mesmerized and enchanted by the beautiful view from the top. It felt like I was some pilot flying over the city in a mini-plane.


I couldn’t stop wowing and imagining what the pilots that fly planes do enjoy. They had seen enough beautiful views from the top, and I knew if I were to be one, this wouldn’t feel like anything new to me, but I wasn’t, and it felt new and wonderful, it was absolute bliss and fun.


I controlled it to gain much altitude, I wanted to go higher and see the top of a particular mountain which I had wanted to climb one fateful day, but being a novice and having no knowledge of climbing a mountain, I would only wish.


But today, that wish would come to past because with my drone up there and its remote in my hands, with its special effects goggles on to see the view of the top; I have made it to the top.


As the drone continued to gain height, making its ascension towards the mountaintop, my heart continued to leap and thud against my ribcage in suspense. I was earnestly hoping, wishing and wondering what the top of the mountain would look like, and just then, just when the drone was about to reach the top, I heard a pop sound from one of the blades on the left.


My heart raced, I was few seconds to viewing the top, so I didn’t stop pushing forward until another sound was heard from the blade on the right. I tried to continue, but the drone was losing altitude and balance in the air, I willed it to stay on course and even though it won’t move up further, let it land safely, but before I could do anything further, the drone was descending the mountain with lightning speed.


Stay on course!” I yelled slamming the remote, but it was to no avail, it descended and crashed into the sea, and that was the last time I saw the drone.


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