I Fixed my Drone After Breaking Prop in Accident Out of Sight

It was on a beautiful day I brought out my drone to fly into the sunny sky. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, and the sky was bereft of clouds, just the blue sky and the mighty star which was the sun shining with fury and burning up the skins of innocent humans.


I had just gotten back from school and had had my lunch, rested and was up for some little time for myself before it was dark. My drone which I named GT Propeller was safely kept in my cupboard in my room which I shared with Jake, my elder brother. He was home when I had returned from school, but while I woke from sleep, he had gone out leaving me home alone with just the drone to play with.


I opened the cupboard and pulled the drone out and onto the little space on the lawn that we had trimmed this morning before I left for school. I set the drone on the lawn and checked it properly before starting it up. I checked the propellers, which seemed to be secured and safe for flying. I checked the body for any screws that might have been loosened or any cracks no matter how little; there was nothing. It seemed in perfect shape to be flown in the sky. Then I checked the landing gear and the remote together with the special effects goggles, they all were in good condition.


It’s going to be a good day,” I whispered to myself and fired the drone up. It responded and started up, droning quietly on the lawn.

The battery was not fully charged, but it was okay to fly a few hours before it would be low and need to be charged. I willed the drone to fly through its remote. The drone lifted off the lawn and levitated in the sky. The cameras that were on the body which were connected to the special effects goggle I had on had been switched on while it started up. I could see the view of the environment now via the special effects goggle, and it was excellent. This was one of the reasons I loved flying the drone; the view of the earth through the lens of the drone’s cameras.


Flew Out of Sight and Crashed

The drone now had gained a high altitude and still moving up and up, and then it hit a tree branch I couldn’t quite see and crashed. I was lucky to have the map on, and it helped me in knowing where the drone had crashed and retrieved it. It was lying on the floor some few meters away from where I stood, droning erratically, the propeller motor whining too fast until I shut the drone down.

I checked the drone, they were few scratches on its body, but none were severe to leave a severe crack on the body. It seemed a bit okay safe for the broken blades that I could see. I checked the battery for any damage, there was none, it looked perfect, and in good shape, then I concluded that it was just the drone’s propellers that had a problem. One of the blades had probably hit a tree branch that was thick and stronger than it.


I Repaired Drone Myself

I had read and watched from the internet on how to possibly fix your drone at home when it crashed, that is if it wasn’t a severe crashing that required a drone manufacturer to fix. I removed all the propellers and powered on the drone again to observe if it was indeed okay internally, checking for the firmware, sensors and the camera behaviors; if they were responding well and working correctly.


The drone powered and of course didn’t fly, it just droned on the floor while I observed the booting check. I simulated flying the drone and observed that it was okay and could probably fly again.


At least it’s not a big issue,” I sighed and ran back into the house to get a spare propeller that dad had bought for me some time ago when the propeller seemed to be acting up and refused to work.


I rushed back to the lawn where the drone was still idle and fixed the propellers back on the drone and albeit carefully, following all the instructions I had seen and read. Once the propellers were all fixed and the drone seemed okay and ready to be flown again, I powered it on and let it drone on the floor. After a few minutes of it droning on the floor, I willed it to take flight.


It Flys Like New

The propellers whined smoothly, and the drone levitated off the ground and gained a little height over my head. I had it maintain that particular altitude because I didn’t want to stress it much; I was still test-running it, and it would only be nice I do that maintaining a low altitude.


I flew the drone around still maintaining that low altitude without any glitches or issues from the propellers, the engine, the sensors or the cameras. It ran flawlessly, and even though I didn’t stress it to go higher than the altitude I maintained, I still enjoyed the flight and the view from it.


I fixed it, I did it, I fixed the drone!” I screamed beaming with joy all over me for having fixed my drone myself. I had saved myself some ample of fee if I had taken it to the drone manufacturer to have it fixed.


I was pleased that I could fix it and most importantly, that dad didn’t get to know that I had somehow broken the propeller of the drone; it would have been hell for me. I smiled with that satisfaction in me and continued the flight until I felt a sudden shove on my shoulder, it was a dad, and the broken propeller I had changed was in his hands, it was then I knew that I had explanations to do. It was going to be a long day after all.


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