With my Drone, I Covered 1,800 miles Capturing Videos

I have always been a fan of DRONES, I had read a lot about it and even operated it on a few occasions. There is this group I belong to, a group of nature lovers. We meet and hang out on a quarterly basis, four times a year.

So I got my DRONE from my dad, happy and fulfilled. Up till date, it’s the craziest I have felt.

On its first flight, I was so careful with it. That doesn’t mean I had stopped being careful with it, but it is a different feeling now, I feel more of a professional.

With my drone, I have covered over 1,800 miles with no records of a single crash. I wouldn’t have hoped for a better companion, now I get the best views & captures with unbelievable and magical moments. Height I wouldn’t have reached, it reaches, and what I wouldn’t see, it sees. It is just a beauty to get hold of. On two occasions, my works appeared on my city’s local magazine, a guide for tourists and nature lovers.

So on its 500th flight, I tried to do something totally different to celebrate the milestone. I had always wanted to go hiking, but due to my laziness, I had always postponed it. This time around, my mind was made up to achieve my long-term desire finally. I got all I needed for the adventure, and the plan was to get fly my DRONE from the mountaintop and fly as high as possible and take a tour around the mountain standing at a spot. To ensure I didn’t forget to leave any stone unturned, I prepared a to-do list.

Walking my way to the top of the mountain was cool, refreshing and fun. As a tea lover, I went with my flask and a few cookies, with one of my favorite songs on the replay.

Finally, I reached a height which seems perfect, where I can finally settle down and comfortable launch my DRONE. Out of its house, a customized bag, it was ready for its 500th flight. Up you go, Veteran, I said.

It was going on so well, and I was having one of the best moments of my life. Hiking is fantastic when you set out in a group I always hear people say, but I really wasn’t missing out, it was entirely a different feeling.

Still flying my DRONE around the mountain trying to capture everything I could, I noticed a strange object, I wasn’t sure about it, and so I had to move my DRONE closer to get a clearer view. “Oh my God” I shouted, I was trembling at the same time. It was a man, probably a hiker just like me who got stuck. He was lying down helplessly, and it was obvious he has been there for days. I had to calm my nerves and immediately reached out to the local emergency unit. Before they would arrive, I quickly found my way down to where he was.

I still had a few drops of tea in my flask, I gently lifted his head off the ground, placed it on my DRONE’s bag and made him drink some tea. It was sure he was thirsty, hungry, and tired.

In a few minutes, the emergency service arrived, gave him a first aid treatment, got him into the vehicle, and collected my details before leaving the scene.

I felt so fulfilled, it has always been my dream to save lives. My DRONE, on its special day, helped in saving a life. Later in the evening, I was in my bed reminiscing about what happened earlier that day, and all I could think of was what would have happened to that poor man if I never went hiking that day.

The truth of the matter is that, if it was based on mere looking, without the help or use of an object like a DRONE, no one would notice there was someone stuck in a tight corner on the mountain. I concluded hiking on that day was all about him, he must have prayed for help I said.

On the third day of the incidence, it was a Tuesday, I got a call from an unknown number, and while I picked up, it was the voice of a man in his 50’s. He sounds more like he knows me, and I assumed because he called me by my name. I asked politely if I could know who I was talking to and he mentioned his name, supporting it with “The man from the mountain.” In great excitement, I shouted ‘I’m glad you made it”. He showed his gratitude and asked if I could come for dinner and meet his family, they would like to say thank you. I quietly said yes to the offer, and after he hung up, I discussed it with my parents, and I was cleared to go.

I made it to the dinner, and the atmosphere was fun. In between our conversation, he explained to me how he got trapped on that side of the mountain where I found him. To end it all, he explained to me how lucky he feels. The doctor told him after he regained his consciousness that if nobody had come that day, the chances of him making it through the next day was slim. You are God’s sent he said.

Two representatives of a popular newspaper in the city were around at the dinner, and on the next day, my picture and that of my DRONE were flying all around the city. I became a celebrity overnight, and I enjoyed my few days of fame. All these wouldn’t have been possible without my darling DRONE.

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