My First Drone Encounter

I remember the day I first encountered drones. It was a day of the exhibition at an international conference that was held at my University. I came from a rural area with only little idea about technology. I mean the only advanced gadgets I have ever seen in my life was the computer. Still, I knew little to nothing about how to operate it, so it caught me with surprise what I saw at the forum. Let me start from the beginning.

It all started after a physics class that the lecturer asked me to see him at his office. I was a little puzzled, but I had a little idea on what reason the call might be for – I had answered one of his questions impressively that same day. I went to his office as requested and he began to eulogize me.

My lecturer talked extensively on how I had always excelled at his course, and also how I was the only one in the class who showed a genuine passion for science. I listened to all of this in silence longing for the real subject.

I knew all of his ramblings was for a favor, but I remained patient. In the end, he informed me of how he wanted me to represent the University at the technology exhibition. He pitched the benefits of the outing to me than I think was necessary. I was already thrilled to attend such a glorious event. Needless to say, I agreed.

Immediately I entered the exhibition hall, and I knew I had made the right decision. Everything was impressive; from the modeled buildings to new gadgets. I was attending the event alongside the physics lecturer, and he made sure to explain in details what each item is until one of the organizers summoned him. I felt a little lonely and lost in a world of technology with my lost guide. I decided to check and ask questions on what’s left of what he hadn’t told me.

There were the screen touch phones, computer laptops in the slickest form I had ever seen. Neon display that kept streaming the same text over and over. Then I noticed everyone’s attention was drawn. They were looking and moving towards the podium set for the event. By now I have my guide back, but with the look on his face, I knew something was wrong. He pulled me gently by the hand away from the crowd (which was a distraction, seeing that I would have enjoyed what the lead speaker was about to say).

They didn’t tell about this before” he began as he scratched a non-existent itch on his head pacing to and fro the hallway.

What are you talking about?” I asked impatiently.

They want you to give a talk” he replied

Give a talk?” I repeated in a silly way “What am I going to talk about?”

Anything you have been working on. They want you to talk about any technology that catches your fancy” he informed.

I had literally no idea on what to talk about. Like I said, I had been brought up in an environment where the most advanced technology I had ever seen was a computer system, and now they wanted me to talk in a gathering such as this. The gadgets and items had been intimidating to me and how was I expected to impress these same people with my little idea.

When will they call me?” I inquired, already planning how I was going to talk about electromagnetics. I had read extensively on the topic in times past, and I thought I would be able to deliver something quality. I just needed time to brush up on what I know and prepare something organized.

They said in 30 minutes” the physics teacher responded. I got to work immediately, and in 30 minutes I thought I was ready to face the crowd of technology geeks. If I knew nothing about gadgets, at least I would be able to talk about concepts. So it was with the last boldness I could muster I stepped on the podium and began.

Good evening everyone” I started and cleared my throat.

Electromagnetics is an idea the majority of us are familiar with, but I want to take it a notch further than what you might have known.” I continued. Everywhere was silent, and I knew I had caught their attention.

This concept is about electricity and magnets, but there is also a …” and that was where I became distracted. I had heard a humming just above my head – was that a bird? I wondered. I looked back to the see the strangest creature I had ever seen in my life hovering directly behind my head. The expression on my face must have been funny because the entire crowd busted with laughter. I pointed hysterically at the device which I later found out to be a drone.

Somebody get that bird out of this room!” I shouted (I hated birds). Those words of mine were the last straw on the camel’s back. The roaring of laughter became uncontrollable and embarrassing that I decided to leave the podium. I looked towards my physics teacher, and he was laughing too. “He had set me up,” I thought to myself.

So you have never seen a drone before,” he teased as I walked to him for solace. He covered his mouth with his hands, and I could tell he was trying desperately not to laugh. Since my last place of comfort was compromised, I ran with all of my strength for the ladies’ room. I could hear sounds of running behind me – my ‘manipulative’ teacher was coming to provide me fake succor. That was the most memorable day of my life which I would never forget. It was embarrassing, but at least, no one would laugh at me again for not having seen a drone, and that was my only comfort.

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