Learning To Fly A Quadcopter Drone in Miami


Miami has always got a special place in my heart. One day, we received a call that he won’t be coming home as initially scheduled on the fourth day because the exhibition was extended for three more days, which literarily means my days of boredom was increased. I knew I had to find alternatives and make myself at home in the absence of my precious cousin.


I found a drone

While searching for stuff in his room, I stumbled on a fixed drone having its receiver placed by its side. I saw this as a perfect way to subjugate my boredom, but I’ve never flown one before; I don’t even know how it works. I used my computer game instinct and read some directives from its manual to know how to operate the mini, unmanned aircraft. I took up the drone and charged up its battery, after which I decided to test run what I’ve read right inside the room. Well, that ends up rather in disaster.

The drone did take off immediately I powered it, pushing the throttle forward; it was a beautiful sight to behold. The controls were somehow similar to that of my computer game, though not entirely because I’ve still got to press, push and pull some buttons, unlike the computer game where some of the controls work with demonstrative actions rather than pressing.


I tried to fly better

The few similarities in the controls though, made it easier for me to control; however, after few seconds of quiet, low-speed flying, I started having the problem directing the drone because the speed got faster, it covers the whole room length within few seconds. Apart from the speed, I was not used to using the controls, especially the turning keys; either I’ll press too little, or I’ll press too much. I was not able to manage the speed and the whole situation very well and the drone started hitting every obstacle in its way,

including myself and I almost got the drone damaged beyond repair after scattering stuffs in the room before I was able to stop it with nothing short of goalkeeping skill and of course miracle; needless I mention that I got injured while trying to land it mechanically instead of the proper route.

Well, the first lesson learned; don’t fly a drone in a small and enclosed area, where the drone won’t be able to explore its optimum speed, thereby giving you the problem of safe starting and landing.

This experience made me cool a little about flying the drone; I blamed myself for attempting to destroy my swift relationship with Phil by going through his stuff without his knowledge and almost destroying his drone. I decided to get a drone for myself, so I Google it.


I got my own drone

I was able to locate a nearby shop, and with the help of my aunt who supported me financially (because I wasn’t capable of raising the money alone at that time), I got a quadcopter. My aunt didn’t seem to understand how, and I didn’t want to use the help of the shop attendant that offered to help; this made me search for the controls online. I learned the basic terminologies and the names of the controls, their location, and their functions.

The drone I got for myself has inbuilt camera apart from the one meant for its control. I flew around in a circle and reasonable altitude just to learn and master the use of the controls like the Roll, The Pitch, The Yaw and the throttle, many of which I heard for the first time. I also learned to control the drone while it’s facing me instead of the other way round. This gave me a lot of issues before I eventually mastered it because of the variation in how the controls functions compared to while it wasn’t facing me. Everything seemed upside down as right looked left and left looked right; it was only by luck that I did not crash the drone around that time, thereby crushing the sweet experience I was having.

Another lesson learned here is, it’s always better to learn directly from a physically present experience driver than from the internet. If such person is not available, however, one can follow the guidelines from the internet slowly.

Have it in mind it is always better to fly the drone outside the building, probably in the compound for the optimum experience. Also note it is better first to fly the drone, circling a particular place to learn and master the controls until they become embedded in our nature (that is, getting used with the controls) before taking the drone to a far place.

All in all, be careful and enjoy your drone experience without intruding other people’s privacy while following strictly, the drone flying laws of the particular area you are. Remember you are out to enjoy and not to enter trouble. Enjoy!



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