I was Learning to Fly Drone by Videos and Practice

Learning how to fly a drone was one of the most exhilarating things I have ever done in my life. The experience got me thinking I could learn and know how to fly a real helicopter in a short time.

The drone was a birthday gift from my uncle in New York City. I had spent some part of my summer holiday with him and worked in his big garage during the duration of my stay.

He buys and fixes the damaged car to perfect conditions before sending them off to Africa.

Whenever the worst of damaged cars entered my uncle’s workshop, they come out almost like brand new. In this, I had helped him for some weeks before traveling back home when the school resumed.

He must have thought I was hard-working, and even it seemed to me like I hadn’t been doing much since I didn’t know much about mechanical works.

But he called me one day and asked.

“Hey, Sean.”

“Yes?” I replied.

“Your birthday coming pretty soon, right?”


“What would you like as a birthday present? I mean I could get you something by myself, but I want you to have something you would prefer.”

He stared at me as I tried to make up my mind about something I would love.

“You have done loads of a good job around here so I thought I should reward you with a present on your birthday,” he added tactfully.

And it did help because I remembered I had always wanted to have done just like a kid in my school.

“Uncle Will, I don’t know… could I get a drone?”

I was half expecting him to ask what I wanted to do with a drone, but instead, he smiled briskly and said ok.

I was filled with so much joy that if he had asked me to scrub the floor and wash all the cars in the garage, it would have taken me just 5 minutes to make everything shine like a star.

I heard my dad speaking on the phone as I looked through the drone manual, learning how to fly it.

“But this is much, what is he going to do with a drone?” There was silence from my dad, and I was sure that my uncle must be convincing him that I would find something useful to do with it.

“Alright then…,” my dad said finally. “I must thank you for this.”

Then I took the drone out for a test flight.

I had read in the manual and online to take a pre-flight checklist to be sure all the buttons are in order and working perfectly. I did all these. I also used that moment to make myself acquainted to the functions of these buttons.

Each of the buttons on the remote controls its functions. For example, the left stick controls the Yaw, which is rotating the drone left or right by moving the left stick in those directions. There is throttle, pitch, roll, trim, the rudder, ailerons, etc.

I tried to master all these things in a short time, and I took my drone to open space for safety sake. The problem was that I still found it hard to get my drone off the ground.

Finally, when I got it, I had spent several hours out of the house. I packed up and decided to continue the test run the next day.

The next day at school, I told the other boy in the school who owned a drone about the difficulties I was having flying my new drone. I considered him an expert already.

“Will you help me, Simon?” I asked him.

“Alright Sean, I will come by your house after school, and we can go fly some drones.”

At that moment, we became friends. It was curious that drones brought us together. We barely used to say more than three words to each other before.

Later that day, I was finishing my homework when my mother came to my room to inform me that I had a visitor.

“A boy with a drone just like yours is waiting for you at the door, son.”

“That must be Simon, mum. He’s going to teach me how to fly my drone,” I informed her cheerfully.

“Goodbye ma,” I said to my mum as I went out of the door.

“Be careful son,” my mother said after me.

Simon and I went to the park, where he taught me first, the basic skills to mastering my control gears. How to get my drone off the floor. Hover in the air then how to maneuver it through the air easily. He was so good with it. And soon, I was picking up too. By the end of the day, I had been able to do a lot with my drone too.

Simon then advised me to look through videos on how to fly better on YouTube. It was during my learning on YouTube that I learned I could be a photojournalist with my drone.

So when my dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him to get me a camera for my drone because I had decided to be a photojournalist. He told me that he was glad that I had found a good use for my drone.

I was out with Simon one day, flying our drones within the marked zone when I suddenly I saw on my monitor the image of a little girl dangling on the banister of a two-story building. I called Simon’s attention.

“Hey Simon, take a look at this.”

“Oh, God!” He exclaimed. “We must call 911.”

I handed him the control of my drone, so he could watch the little girl while I quickly put a call through to the emergency line. Finally, when it was picked, I told them what was going on and read them the coordinates on my screen monitor. At that moment I felt like I was a spy for the American Army and Simon was my partner.

Our call that day helped saved the girl’s life.

The Mayor for our bravery honored Simon and me, And we became closer as friends.

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