I was in a Drone Race Competition at Frenzied Speed

I was watching some videos clips on how to successfully fix my multirotor drone for the upcoming drone race this week.

All you do is watch those videos and surf the internet. I have not seen you practice with your drone anywhere in the neighborhood!”

That’s the problem, dad,” my voice was low now, “you can’t see me practice here in the neighborhood. I practice at school and with my friends whenever I go out.”

And why haven’t I seen you take the goddamned drone out for practice?”

You’re always at work, you and dad come back late at night, you can’t possibly see me practicing at night and besides, it was during the practice at school today that some of my blades got spoiled, so I’m watching from YouTube how to get it fixed before you came in, dad. You can check for yourself,” I explained to him and shifted the laptop on my desk towards him to see.

Well, I am not a loser and I know I didn’t train a loser, don’t make me doubt that latter part even for a second, son.”

You won’t dad,” I assured him.

The drone race competition was to hold next tomorrow, and I had just tomorrow to fix up my drone and get it ready for the race. My school was hosting the drone race, and there was a trophy to be won which came with a full college scholarship in any college of your choice.

Tomorrow I’ll get the necessary things as seen in the video clips on YouTube and get ready for the race,” I said to my dad.

He nodded, “Go kick some asses, son.”

You food is in the dining, dad.”

What did you cook?”

Spaghetti with duck wings,” I responded.

Now, I think I’m hungry. It had better be tasty.”

You bet.”


Racing Competition Day

The next day came without much activity from me. I got the blades fixed and got the drone ready for the race. The day for the competition came, and the playground where the race would hold was filled with parents, teachers, and fans of drone race. My dad wasn’t present, but he had promised that he would come. I put on my shades which were connected to the cameras on my drone for live footage and view of where my drone was flying to.

The remote control was in my hands and besides me were nine other people participating in the race. They all had their special effects goggles on and their remotes firm in their hands, tensed and waiting for the race to begin. My heart was hammering against my ribcage as we waited.

You all know the rules, fly to the church tower in the school and return to the starting point. The first drone to complete this is the winner, okay?” the school’s head of sports announced to us.

We all nodded and waited for his next command. Our drones were on the ground before us. Ten beautiful drones with different forms and shapes like an aircraft of some sort. Amongst all the drones there, mine was the less sophisticated one, and that realization tugged at my heart, making me doubt the possibility of beating any of them in the race.

You will begin after my gunshot, alright?”

We nodded, hearts slamming against our ribs.



We all put our drones in acceleration and watched them respond and begin to levitate off the ground, but mine didn’t respond. While others had lifted off the ground and began to fly, mine remained on the floor unable to levitate.

Common, common, don’t do this to me!” I begged under gritted teeth.

After a few seconds, it responded and levitated, and without allowing it to lift high enough, I controlled it to begin to pursue the rest that was some yards away from it. From my shades, I could see the next drone before me. When my drone had attained a better level of levitation, I tapped on the turbo button on my remote control.


Racing at frenzied speed

I saw as it wheezed past the beautiful drone close to me and continued to tear the open air in frenzied speed. It passed another drone and two others. The drone was moving surprisingly fast, faster than I had ever imagined or ever seen it run before. Maybe it was because of the blades I changed.

I was now the sixth in the race. The fifth one was few yards in front of me, and it seemed to have known that I was behind and about to fly past it. It blocked all my moves to fly past it. I slowed a bit and allowed it to move further before powering up by turbo again I flew passed him and the fourth one together. The last three to pass and become the winner had reached the tower and turned. They were now heading back to the starting point.

I made a swift rounding of the tower and increased my speed. The third and the second were locked down in a tussle. I used that as an advantage and flew past them, leaving them behind to continue their tussle. The finish line was visible now. I could see it, and it was close. The first drone was far ahead of me and would probably finish first.

All hope was lost now. I was a loser, and I couldn’t prove my dad wrong. If only I had tried harder, if only the drone had levitated quicker like the others, this wouldn’t be happening now. Then all of a sudden, I see a plume of smoke emanating from the drone before me. It had slowed down and was descending rapidly to the ground.

I surged on forward and propelled my drone to the finish line before I hear a mild explosion. The drone that was before me had crashed before it could fly past the finish line making me the winner of the race.


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