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Cool Things about Drone Racing


1. Prizes for racing

Apart from being fun, drone racing is a great way of winning prizes. When participating in some competitions can offer up to $500 prizes. However, this means the competition is cut-throat because there are a lot of determinants that influence how the race turns out.

Of course, every pilot wants to win and with a best score. The prowess of a pilot and the drone will greatly determine his/her achievements. Racing drones have been particularly designed for the racing and are thus different from the regular units. Usually, they are made with powerful electric motors that are capable of enduring violent usage and can also fly for a long period of time.

So it is recommended that you do not use cheap as well as low-quality drones as they will not be able to sustain the race. To be fully equipped for a race, pilots need to get similar drones, spare parts as well as backup drones for instances something goes wrong.

Accidents are set to happen during drone racing and may sometimes not finish a race. The best drones that can be used are the electric motors as they have the longest flying time as well as great performance. Another essential aspect of racing is maneuvering, so pilots should take their time to choose a drone that will suit the particular race carefully.


2. Options for buying or building own drone

Racing drones have been designed differently so that they can achieve high performance while flying for long. Meaning they have been designed differently from when compared to other normal drones. Another cool thing is that you can be able to build your own drone to suit your preferences or you can also purchase parts from a store and then assemble them yourself. But before you think of designing or customizing your own droning race, it is crucial that you know about the pros and cons before making one. Making a drone requires a lot of experience because it can be a complex process; there is a lot of details involved which may be tiresome to follow. A lot of beginners normally attempt to build or assemble their own drones only to end up purchasing a completed one. But for those people who still want to make their own racing drones, it is a fun, interesting as well as a fulfilling activity.


3. Types of races with drones


The race involves two or more drones which are required to complete a certain race in the shortest time. While wearing goggles, pilots run them from a particular location from where they can video stream their drones. Rotorcross requires competitors to complete the race as soon as possible, and they get listed according to how they have performed.

Rotorcross is a very demanding game because it involves drones with great flying abilities in addition to remarkable maneuvering abilities. Therefore, this may make it difficult for beginners to participate in the race, maybe later after they have acquired more skills.

Time trial

This race is similar to Rotorcross since all drones in the competition are required to complete a certain race in the shortest time. Nonetheless, the difference is that the time taken is estimated and the pilot who takes the shortest time will be named the winner. The requisites for the race are similar to Rotorcross thus it is not a simple race and needs a lot of expertise.

Drag race

This is the most suitable race for beginners as it is very simple since it only needs using high acceleration. The drones cover a distance of 100 meters, racing at high speeds. The important factors to consider as a pilot are acceleration time, the power of the electric motors as well as the weight because they will determine how fast your drone races.

The race is not so keen on maneuverability because drones follow a straight line so having a lightweight drone is the most suitable device for the race, but it has to have powerful electric motors. Another advantage of the race is that it is short, so beginners will find it great with so much fun.

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