My Racing Drone was Smoking at High Speed

We were attending the drone racing party together.

We know a lot of things could go wrong as it was illegal to fly drones without proper permission from the authority but that was one of the things that made the game fun.

At 3:15, we joined the rest of the guys at the beach. The party must have started for a while. Greg and Sam were at the far side chatting away with some other couples.

They spotted us and started towards us.

“Hey,” Greg greeted.

“Hey,” I gave him a half hug.

Chloe and Sam greeted as well.

“Great party,” I commented.

“Dude, you cannot imagine what is down here. It’s huge,” Greg said excitedly, throwing his arms up.

“I’m sure this is gonna end up with cops chasing everyone.”

“That makes it more fun,” A boy from the school said as he passed by with his hand thrown around a girl’s neck. He was known to be a very wild boy and had had a lot of trouble with the authorities.

“The race is going to start soon,” Greg said, drawing our attention. We moved closer to where the action was happening.

The man who acted the role of the referee was saying, “If you look through your monitor, you will find that we have determined the route for your drones to pass. Failure to pass that route disqualifies you automatically. Your drones are monitored by the GPS that connects your drones to my own monitor. The first to cross the finishing hole on the other side wins the race. May the fastest drone win.”

The monitor started the countdown, and they started the race at zero.

We watched on the big screen as another drone recorded and transmitted the race live.

Sam’s brother, Tony, was one of the drone racers. And there was Jeff the geek, Kate the tomboy and Andy the rich boy.

Sam’s brother seems to be doing well, as he took the first position from the start. Maneuvering through the obstacles on one of the routes that took the drone through the forest. It is always hard to fly a drone in such places.

Kate’s drone was behind him followed by Jeff and Andy in the last position.

After moving above the forest, the geek’s drone suddenly surged forward and seemed to gain a tremendous speed. He must have added a special tech for his drone to move like that.

He passed Kate’s drone and was closing on Tony’s when the drone emitted smoke, and he lost control of it. He was out of the race.

Just a few meters to the finish, Tony seemed to slow down the maneuvering of his drone. Before he could gain control again, Kate had overtaken him and eventually won the race while Tony and Andy came second and third respectively.

Sam later told us that Tony had lost control of his drone intentionally so that Kate could win.

“My poor brother has a crush on her,” he said cynically.

We were packing up when the cops arrived, and we all scattered into the bush with the cops chasing after us.

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