13 Shocking Drone Fishing Videos That You Will Not Believe

These guys are catching some nice fish with a remote drone:

Amazing video proving that it can be done.



Using a Phantom to fish and got action from a shark.



Going for Giant Trevally(giant kingfish) in the ocean.



Awesome stripper catch must see this clip.


Video showing how to drone fish step by step.


Here is a picture and guide:  https://southernboating.com/life/fishing/drone-fishing/



Things do not go well in this vid.


Girl on the beach with rod and reel trying to catch a shark.



Angler going for Bluegills in Manitoba Canada is successful.



A top 5 compilation video of drone fishing failures.



Using one to cast out in the ocean.


Outdoor Life explains how to:   https://www.outdoorlife.com/how-to-catch-fish-with-drones/

FishingBooker:   https://fishingbooker.com/blog/drone-fishing-is-it-really-fishing/

Beginners guide:  https://www.droneguru.net/best-fishing-drones-a-beginners-guide-to-drone-fishing/

RCHobbyReview:  https://rchobbyreview.com/drone-fishing/

Cobia:   https://brobible.com/sports/article/drone-fishing-cobia-blacktiph/


Caught a Snapper.



How to drone fish using the Mavic pro. Step by step video tutorial.



First time success landing a big one.



Hammerhead shark fishing.



Large Bass.



How to release the line.



Huge bonito fish using live bait.



The easy way to cast long distance in the ocean.




Flighttest.com makes a water proof model.



Large sized false albacore.



Poseidon 480 has a waterproof housing, real-time camera view, DJI flight controller with GPS, and a quick release bait caster. Everything you need.



DJI Phantom for drone fishing at a beach in Jacksonville. Good tutorial.





Beach fishing using Mavic Pro to get the bait out there.



Black Marlin.



Pond sun fish.











Ice fishing for Arctic Char.






Related story:

I have been fishing quite occasionally before I moved down here, the skills I acquired from the villagers are quite extraordinary. I found out how sophisticated they were with modern fishing gadgets. You would have thought them to be the kind of local people who would not want to have anything to do with sophisticated technology.

They taught me how to use the kayak, and it was a pleasant skill to learn. Despite the fact that I came from the city, I seem to be learning more skills from the villagers.

Sometimes we catch many fishes, and my wife and I would invite our new friends over for a tasty grill of salmon. We eat and talk about the war as if it happened just a couple of months ago, instead of centuries. The memory seemed to be freshly preserved in their heads like a thing too precious to be lost. We talked about fishing techniques and how and where to get the big fishes.


Using a Drone to Fish

It was during one of this gathering that one of them mentioned a new method of catching fish without getting wet. Using a drone to catch fish was trending in the city. Science and technology never seem to stop surprising us.

After the party had scattered and everyone had returned to their homes, my wife and I sat behind the desktop and googled about drone fishing. We found it fascinating, and I decided to get myself a drone and see.

I ordered a new set from Amazon, and it was delivered just a few days after. I read through the manual and took it for a flying test.

The village got wind of it, and they all ran out after they realized it was safe. We took it by the river and decided to test it and see if we could catch a fish with it.

Mr. Kent, who had mentioned the drone thing was amazed at how fast I had gotten it. And I felt a little bit accomplished amidst the villagers, knowing fully well that people in the city wouldn’t have batted an eye over the drone.

“Master Jones,” Mr. Kent called in that manner in which they loved to call me. “We should go for the big fish with this ya know, they ain’t gonna escape us with this,” he said excitedly. I shared his excitement, but we had to catch a fish first before determining if it can catch a big or a small fish.

We fixed the line and the hook and mounted the camera to so we can see the drone as it flew on the control LCD. It was an exciting thing to do for all of us.

When all was set, we set the drone flying over the river. I made it hover for a while over the river with the controls, and when I saw a big fish, I went for the catch. I watched as the fish was caught and I directed the drone back to shore, and everyone screamed excitedly. I must say it wasn’t a bad catch. I had never been so elated.

We set it out once more and caught more fish.

“The battery is getting drained,” I said it loudly so that everyone could hear. I was feeling exhausted after standing for many hours watching the drone hover on the river to catch the fishes. It was a great experience which I would love to enjoy again.

“We will go for the big fish tomorrow,” I bellowed at everyone, and they responded excitedly as they turn to return their homes.

My wife welcomed me with a broad smile and hugged as I stepped on the porch of our house.

“They adore you, Master Jones,” she said fondly.

“I feel at home, my dear love.”

“I do too.” She said.

“We should do drone fishing together sometime when the people are not looking.”

“Are you sure that is all you intend to do Master Jones, it sounds like you have hidden agenda accompany this drone fishing date of yours.”

We laughed loudly and held each other tightly.


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