We got Drones and they all Crashed

It turns out that more than one member of the family was dying to own a drone. Many of us, actually, because I include myself. Effectively, just how Christmas miracles happen, everybody got their respective drone. Little cousins, older cousins, a couple of uncles, one that is way too old for it and then, me. It was hilarious, having to unwrap six drones in one night. But we really were a big family.

Although it was a fun process, this is a tragic story, because not even one drone survived one year on earth. The first victim was the drone of one of my uncles. The man was so proud of himself, slightly arrogant, not my favorite uncle. And so he decided by himself that he didn’t have to wait to use his drone. He unpacked it right there in my grandparent’s backyard. Now, he was so sure of himself, so confident and smug. Imagine everybody’s reaction when the drone wouldn’t start flying.

No matter what he did, the thing didn’t work… until it did. The drone went up flying so high, so very high, and it was too high. My uncle was having a fit, and of course, he messed up the controllers and did everything wrong. The poor thing went straight to the ground like an asteroid. It had everybody screaming in a faux panic to hide the laughter directed my uncle’s failure.

A few weeks later, it was the turn of the older cousins, including me. We had been enjoying the gift – being mostly responsible. We spent a lot of time in the biggest park in the city and sometimes ventured to the middle of the city, but that one was risky. However, our downfall came right in that park. It turns out that we are slightly competitive. That means, of course, that we are aggressively competitive.

In consequence, one sunny afternoon while we were in the park we noticed one drone going higher than the rest, then one was moving faster, then another one was being reckless. I don’t know how to explain it, but we started off an epic race of drones. I’m not sure how we pulled that off, but the truth is that at one point three drones crashed into each other. It was like a really cruel fireworks show.

In my defense, it was worth it. No one was harmed, besides our bank accounts. And we did have fun. There’s a thrill of running around chasing a little flying robot. You get kind of attached to it. I think at the end that was the downfall of another one of my uncles. He was too old to understand the drone, but he tried hard enough and was able to try it out several times. But when I say he got attached, I mean it.

Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Harold.” He said one day during a family reunion in the park. Harold was the name he gave his drone.

Harold, say goodbye to everybody, we’re going home early tonight.” He said that evening. He didn’t even fly the drone! He just liked to take it out to enjoy the sun or whatever.

It was great entertainment for our family. We loved following him through the park as he chased Harold.

Come on, Harold. You’re doing great. Stay steady.” He whispered another day as if the drone could hear him from so far away – as if the drone could hear him at all.

Uncle, tell Harold to go higher,” I suggested as some of us trailed behind him

That doesn’t sound very smart, kid.” My uncle politely replied.

Make him turn around, and I’m getting tired.” His wife complained. However, he didn’t listen, and she continued to follow him.

At that point, we started moving in circles. It would have easily been a boring thing if it wasn’t for the fun competition that started afterward.

Uncle, I bet Mickey is faster than Harold.” My little cousin exclaimed. There was extreme mischief in his eyes. He had named his drone Mickey, and they ignited the gene of the competitiveness of our family in our uncle, although he tried to resist.

That… doesn’t make sense, they’re literally the same model.” He stuttered.

I bet Mickey flies higher.” The little kid smiled proudly. “I trained him well.”

Well, Harold is loyal to me!” My uncle exclaimed, smiling and accepting the challenge.

The next few minutes would become legendary for our family. We started placing bets and shouting and making a disaster in that park. We followed uncle and nephew around the park, and everybody was laughing. They were clearly enjoying it, shouting encouragements to their little robot friends. However, all races have to come to an end. Luckily for the peace of this family, it was a tie. But such a tragic tie.

It’s safe to say my little cousin was reckless and my uncle was too competitive. So there was no one to blame when both drones crashed and fell on the small lake in the park.

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