I Learned to Fly Drone and Videography with Training

Hailey knew I had a passion for drone photography, but she never knew it was very intense until I registered to learn how to fly and utilize drones at a drone training school. Since then, I would leave home to go for tutorials whenever I was free at work. She had no problem with me learning how to fly drones and use them for photography, especially because she knew it was just for fun. Therefore, she supported my decision.


My first tutorial day was quite stress-free and enjoyable. We were very few that registered, so it was convenient for the tutor to communicate with each student. The first day was for us to learn how to fly the drone. We made use of a small drone because of we of our little acquaintance. I remember one of the students actually asked why we were using a small drone and why we were flying it indoors. “Small drones are perfect for learning basic maneuvers and techniques,” the tutor replied to him. “It is also most reasonable to start indoor and learn the basics perfectly before moving outdoors to explore,” the tutor added.


I learned a lot about drones that first day, which continues to guide me till now. The tutor explained that the very first thing to do when using a new drone for the first time is to check the drone’s packaging or the instructional manual for the transmitter’s range. This is very crucial if you do not want ever to lose your drone for life. I was curious as to how one will know the transmitter’s range if one does not have the drone’s packaging or manual, so I asked the tutor. He explained to me that it is advisable to search on Google or any other search engine, using the name and model of the drone.


I am sure the students already thought that is the only precaution to note about flying drones. The tutor added that we need to be sure that both the drone and transmitter batteries are fully charged. It was a no-brainer to us that we also need to check that the area is safe for flight and remove obstacles if we find any. We were already getting bored with the talks and just wanted to start practicing, but the tutor ensured he took his time.


He finally showed us how to turn on the drone and how to know if it is working and ready to fly. He continued by showing us how to turn on the transmitter and connect the transmitter to the drone. The next step was for us to fly the drone and learn how to use the joysticks. The tutor started by flying the drone himself in the empty room that we were, and finally gave each of us the opportunity to do the same.


It was a toy-sized inexpensive drone, and ergo he was comfortable leaving us to use in practice. After everyone had tried practicing and making use of the drone, then we called it a day. I went home with so much joy and good memories of how I made use of the drone. The tutor had told us our next class would be on practicing takeoff, hovering, and landing.


I finally got home after a few minutes of walking and knocked on the door. I was just hoping Hailey had cooked a meal for me, for I was excessively ravenous. She then opened the door wearing a big smile, and she gave me a welcoming hug. Hailey had indeed cooked, and this time it was my best food. I just don’t know what I can do without her. Hailey happens to be a woman who always offers you the right thing at the right time, even without you requesting. We sat at the dining room and ate together, as we chatted about my drone lessons. I couldn’t infer if she were interested in knowing about my drone lessons because she also loves drone or because it involved me.


I continued my drone lessons religiously and meticulously till I was perfect.

My career has a drone photographer and videographer began forthwith. It was surprisingly sudden, and it was not really my plan to take it up as a career. I gathered money to get high-quality professional drones and physical location. My services were nonpareil and remarkable, but my capital was insufficient to get me a tremendous number of customer base. This was the juncture I began to notice Hailey’s disapproval. Hailey believes photography as a career is mediocre and wanted me to stop seeing it as a career. She calmly expounded to me that she had no problem with me doing it for fun but not the other way round. I would not listen to her because of reasons I claimed were best known to me, even though I could not pinpoint why I chose this path.


I could not fathom what was wrong with me, but I will call it passion. It was more like a passion for photography that kept on building up till I wanted nothing else. All I wanted at that point was a way to build up my customer-base and start making attractive income.


I believed I would change Hailey’s mentality by doing that. I took my time to think about a way to build up my drone photography brand. I finally made a decision to resign at the military, in order to place my full attention on my drone photography business that is still at its infant state. In spite of a part of my mind telling me that it was not a good decision, I still believed it was fate acting on me – After all, I am a scientist, who by some twist of fate met himself in the Army. If I finally leave the army to pursue something still entirely different, then I am just fated not to practice Science.


The most difficult part of making that decision was how to break it to Hailey. I knew she would repudiate the idea but my plan was to convince her, and if needed, plead to her. I decided to resign at the military before breaking the news to her. She woke me up the next day for work, and I seized that moment to break the news to her. She opened her mouth in shock and said I could never try that. We had a loud altercation after trying to explain to her quietly. She was outraged and stormed out of the house to the barracks. I went to the bathroom to have my bath after an hour and got dressed for work.


I got to work feeling disgruntled. If I had my way, I would quit working for that day, but it is harmful to my young business. I decided to work on a project I planned to use for social media marketing. I brought out one of my drones for the project. I chose the Holy Stone FPV drone because I personally reviewed the entire drones I had and developed a special love for this. I needed the best quality for my project, so I had bought the DBPOWER Action Camera. I connected both devices together. I ensured each device is properly and fully charged as my tutor taught me. I moved to beautiful locations with my device. I flew the drone at these locations, throttled up and down, yawed left and right, and made lovely videos. I hovered the drone at specially marked positions to take snapshots from different angles. After landing the drone at the final location for the day, I packed my devices in my bag and went back to my place of work.


It was time to do some editing and merging, but it was already getting dark, and I had started missing my girlfriend, Hailey. I left work immediately and walked home while listening to Wizkid’s music through my headphone. Everywhere was looking strange when I got home, but I called on Hailey’s name. I then noticed she was not yet back from work, but it was unusual. I grabbed my phone and called her several times, but she did not pick up. I walked around the house while I called and started becoming worried. I walked to my bedroom and was shocked to see that her belongings were no longer there.


Hailey had packed out of my house. It was unbelievable to me. “How can she pack out of my house because I resigned?” I said to myself. I dashed out of the house and went straight to her parents’ house. She had told them that she did not want to see me, so I was not given a chance to see her. I explained to her parents the whole thing that transpired, and they promised to talk to her. I left her parents’ house with a compounded feeling of melancholia and outrage.


I got home and continued trying to talk to her, but all my efforts were abortive. This continued for several days. I visited her parents after, and I was told Hailey would never come back to my house. Hailey insisted that I have to leave my photography career and go back to the military or get a better job. I was in a dilemma I never saw coming. I cannot kill my passion for drone photography, neither can I kill the love I have for Hailey. I was disconcerted and just concluded on begging Hailey to change her mind and come back to me. I knew Hailey to be temperamental and inexorable, but I thought it would be different this time since she is dealing with the love of her life. I continued visiting Hailey’s home, but she would never come out to see me.


On a particular evening, I dressed up in Hailey’s best color and went to her home. I had made up my mind to finally forfeit my drone photography business and move on to oblige Hailey. I was devastated to meet Hailey in front of her doorstep making out with a young man I had never seen in my life.


I was not sure if she saw me, but I turned and cried back home. I was heartbroken and this day felt like the worst day of my life. I nursed the pain for several weeks until I finally had the emotional vigor to move on. Now that I have lost the love of my life to another man, it is wise that I ensure I don’t also lose my business to another man, too. I also now have more time to focus on my business and build it up.


A particular day at work, I was pretty busy with two clients who wanted drone services for their pre-wedding photographs and clips. I was at their chosen location with my drone and other equipment. I was rendering my services to them when I got a call from Mark. Mark was a co-student at the center I did my drone lessons. He wanted us to see urgently, so I told him to come to my place of work.


I left my client’s location after delivering a great job to them and rushed back to my workplace to meet Mark. Mark came with Jason, who was also a co-student back then. I was surprised as to why they came to see me. They took their time to first of all chitchat before they finally spoke about why they visited. They came because I had told them about how I studied in the field of Science and the profound knowledge I have about Science. They wanted us to partner for a particular project and needed me because of my knowledge.


The project was about making drones specifically for security departments. The drones would have the inbuilt tank for teargas that can be sprayed when they are on air. This was a good idea, and we can make a lot of money by selling these drones to the government, who can distribute to the police, army, and other security corps. We took this as a deal and commenced on the project immediately. We made our first prototype for the government after one year of planning and development. The project became a big success and gave us great connections.


I remember vividly the day I went back to Kapyong Barracks. This time, it was to give a speech, for I was a special guest at an annual event that is organized by the army officers. At the end of the event, I walked to my car to take my leave, and then I sighted Hailey from afar. She looked at me for a fleeting moment and threw down her head in shame.


I moved into the car and drove off speedily. The next day, I got a letter from Hailey. She expressed her disappointment and apology in the letter. I forgave her from my heart, but unfortunately, that was truly the end of our relationship.

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