I Learned to Fly a Drone and Pass Test


Working as a law enforcement agent has always been my dream even ever since I was in high school. I had been encouraged to pursue that career when a police officer had single handedly saved my friend and me from five kidnappers. He had been wounded, but that didn’t deter me from following my dream. I wanted to save people’s lives like the man had done.


After my high school, I had joined the army and then the Special Forces when I carried out a lot of missions, mostly behind enemy lines. Whenever I go on a mission, I remember that the cop had made for my family and me and I am determined to make sure that the mission was a success.


I was successful, and I got many awards and wonderful citations. However, luck rarely lasts forever. During a particular risky mission, my team and I had been attacked by a suicide bomber that off my left leg. I was the only survivor. Thanks to expert surgeons, I was able to live. I used crutches for a while and also wheelchairs before I got detachable metal legs.


I could continue as in Special Forces, so I was offered an administrative job as an analyst. I had to turn down the offer because I wanted to be close to my parents and my wife who had just given birth. After a while, I realized that I needed a steady job.


Just when I was planning to search, the sheriff had recruited me. It turned out that the police department had been supplied some sophisticated drones the benefits of which included surveillance of suspected criminals, bomb detection, disaster management, and safety inspections among others.

I had been very grateful to get the job, and I showed how grateful I was when I hugged the sheriff in happiness. I couldn’t wait to tell my wife and kids. I may not be able to run to chase criminals, but I could still contribute to saving people’s lives behind the controls of the drones.

Since I had only a little knowledge of controlling a drone, I had to travel down to Washington to take lessons. I would be gone for three weeks. Although my two children were not so happy to see me go, my wife understood.

I took a plane to Washington and got to the center where the learning would take place. Apart from me, there were nine other people, the majority of whom were from the army. Those who were not in the army were from one weather surveillance organization or the other.

The men were led to a room with many bunks, and there we packed all our belongings. The women, two of them, were placed in another room. That night, we had a welcoming session with a man who called himself Stan Dwight.

He made everyone say his or her name in the presence of the others and introduced us to each other. He explained all our schedule for the entire three weeks. He said they assumed that every one of us would be experts in controlling the drone before the lessons ended.

He explained everything that drones could be used for. I was especially curious about the drones that could shoot bombs. When I was in the Special Forces, those drones had saved my life countless times. There were times when we would be ambushed or surrounded by the enemies, and the drones would clear out a path for us.


The next morning, we were all taken into a large room that had a lot of big screens. We each sat in front of a screen and waited for our tutor. This time, we had a female tutor who called herself Maggie Chen.

“So, before you guys learn how to fly a real drone, you have to deal with the electronic version of it. The drones are very expensive, and we wouldn’t want you to crash them or something.” We all laughed, and she continued. “You will need to know some terms about drones, and this will help you greatly.”

She began to explain all the terms that had to do with drones. She mentioned words like ‘roll,’ ‘yaw,’ ‘throttle,’ etc. We all took notes as she explained what they all meant and how they can be applied.

“Now, you will all deal with the electronic version of flying all drone,” she said. She walked to her, which we could all see. She began to explain everything, starting with how to make the drone begin work. She urged us to follow her instructions, and we did.

Several of us made a lot of mistakes at first with our drones crashing to the ground just as it was about to lift off.


“You people can see why we didn’t give you real drones,” Maggie said. We all laughed again. “Okay, let’s do it again. Kudos to those who got it right. The rest of you, you can do this.”

After three tries, I finally got it. Then everyone got it, and we were all controlling the drones on our screen.

“That’s great, everyone. Now, we have flown the drones to some locations. You will be taught how to read some locations from checking maps. I know some of you already know this, but for the sake of those who have no idea, we will have to retake it.”

Hours passed, and we were learned how to flying our drones to given locations just by checking the map. We also played some games by doing a drone race. The lessons were intense, and they were also full of fun. I couldn’t wait to show off my skills in the outside world, even though we had not been given the drones yet.


With time, I quickly asserted myself as the best among the rest. They all wonder about me, how I was able to learn the controls so quickly. They didn’t know that I was being encouraged by my determination.

By the time the training ended, I even got offers from the army asking me to come back and apply my skills, but I had already given my word to the sheriff, so I turned them down.

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