None of the Bullets hit the Drone

Coffee is one of the most important time of a hardworking fellow like me. There are so many benefits of coffee, and one of the most important is that it sharpens your mind so that you will be able to do more work successfully and effectively.

As a law enforcement agent, there might be times when some crooks will give you a hard time in catching them and in that case, what you have to do is get a cup of coffee, relax and get your brain working again.

That was exactly what I was doing one afternoon. I had just gone through about eight hours of analyzing documents that could help us catch a gang who were involved in everything from drug running to kidnapping and even murder.

In order to refresh my brain, I had walked out of the police station where I had set up a base with my colleagues. To introduce myself, I am a DEA agent, and some would say that I was the best when it comes to catching people who were running drugs.

However, ever since I was assigned to the case of Jorge Saviola, I had faced a lot of problems. The guy was simply too slippery. Whenever I was within inches of catching him, he would somehow find a way to escape. I had tried all the tricks in the book to no avail.

My phone rang. It was our computer guy, Roland. After distinguishing myself and putting many drug dealers behind bars, I had been given the opportunity to form my own task force which is dedicated to catching more bad guys.

Apart from me, there was Roland, the computer guy. He could get into any server anywhere in the world in minutes. He was the one in charge of the drones that we use and the electronic gadgets that the government had provided for my task force.

There was Sarah, who was also an operative and both of us usually go into battle together against the enemy. We also do all the investigations together. She was quite good. The last fellow was Jim. He was also another operative, but I loved using him as a sniper when we are involved in a shootout.

Whenever we have a potential shootout with the enemy, we usually called for backup, and the backup consisted of the local police of the area where we are conducting our investigations.

Hello,” I said when I picked up the call.

Boss, we’ve got them,” Roland said.

I am on my way,” I said. I jumped up from the table, paid for the coffee and ran to the station. I had been to many states in the US, but I have to say that Florida is one of the very best.

We had tracked down Saviola, and his gang to a town in Florida called Cedar Key, and after several interviews and investigations, we found out that Saviola and his armed gang were in the forest, which meant we had to use a drone to track them. We couldn’t use a helicopter since Saviola and men would spot it easily.

I walked into the room that had been allowed us by the sheriff. I saw a video recording of a small building which was surrounded and covered by tall trees. I could see three armed men patrolling the area.

Is that…?” I asked.

Yes, boss, this is their hideout,” Sarah said.

We had always known that Saviola a base in Florida but we had no idea where it was. Now, we have.

What do I do, boss?” Roland, who was handling the controls of the drone asked.

Can you try to find out if Saviola is among them?”

Sure,” Roland said.

The drone moved close to the men and they could neither see nor hear it because it had a very quiet sound. Two of the gunmen were smoking while the third man looked sleepy. Suddenly, another man walked out of the small building.

There he is,” Roland exclaimed.

It was Saviola all right. The camera attached to the drone captured his picture vividly. The camera took several quick pictures of him for charging purposes. Suddenly, he looked up and saw the drone. We could see his eyes widen in alarm. He pointed at the drone and screamed something that we couldn’t hear.

Oh crap, he has seen us,” Roland said.

What are you waiting for? Run!” Sarah shouted.

Roland grabbed the controls, turned the drone around and sped away just as the gunmen opened fire. He switched on the camera at the back of the drone so that we could see what the shooters were doing.

We saw them chasing after the drone and firing. Fortunately, none of the bullets hit the drone.

Can you disappear among the trees?” Sarah asked.


I don’t know. It’s dangerous. The drone may hit a branch, and we won’t be able to retrieve the drone.”

Hey, Roland, make sure the drone is safe. We are going after Saviola. He must not escape again,” I said.

I, Sarah and Jim got some police officers, got in two SUVs and traveled to the forest. I drove at a very high speed, hoping to catch Saviola before he escapes. One of the officers knew how we could get to the building we had seen on screen, from behind, which was where logic dictated that Saviola would go.

And we were right. As we move closer to the area, we saw a car burst out of the forest and moved in a head-on collision with us. I tried my best to graze the car, and it flipped on its roof. We ran out and pulled Saviola and two of his wounded gunmen out of the upturned car.

When Saviola was read his rights and arrested, we went in search of the other gunmen. I called Roland to make the drone lead the men to where we were waiting and when they showed up, we were able to disarm and arrest all of them.

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