I Built My Own Drone and Solved the Crime

After I reached home, I immediately started searching for some great ideas to make a spectacular mechanical engineering school project. Till midnight I was searching. But nothing caught my eye. Everything felt boring and familiar. But then, when I was about to doze off this concept of making a drone caught my attention. It was a very practical and useful project. We can use it in so many places. I’m also aware of the fact that this drone thing is quite common in certain places but still, if I’m able to fly this around our class then surely I’ll be able to impress our professor. So yes! I started working on this project. Getting all the things required for this was essential. I was working hard on this project. I would get confused at times, but still, I would come out of it.

At last! After weeks of hard work, I finally completed my project. I have to say, and I’m impressed by myself. I finally took it out for flying.

When it took off, it was one the proudest moments of my life. It was flying in the air! After so many failures, I was finally successful. Now I had high hopes. The submission is in a week, and I had a lot of time to play and use it. The thing worked better every single day. I was looking forward to showing my hard work to our professor.

That’s when something happened that I’ll never forget in my entire life. I was flying my drone at night, and by mistakenly it went inside the window of someone’s apartment. I felt a little guilty as I felt that I’m getting into someone’s personal life. I tried to bring the drone out of the room. After a few attempts, I was finally able to bring the drone out from the window. I was relieved. I didn’t want to interfere in anyone’s privacy and get into trouble. So yeah, after I got my drone back, I went home so that I can keep it safely to show it to our professor. I was excited as this could fetch me very good grades.

So the huge day finally arrived. I saw everyone else’s project. Most of the projects were pretty good, but some were really bad. Then came my chance. I was nervous but excited. After giving a small introduction to my flying drone project the moment I of truth finally arrived. I started flying my drone all over the class. Everyone was impressed. After flying my drone for a few minutes, I landed my drone.

Then I connected the drone with my laptop and showed the footage to the class. The drone recorded everything. That’s when I noticed that there was another file in my laptop. I should go out and check what that video is about. The class concluded. Professor especially congratulated me and also told me that my project was one of the best. It was a proud moment for me. I was sure that my marks will increase now.

Now when I was going home, something caught my eye. I noticed that there was a massive crowd on the front door of an apartment. I was curious to know what was happening over there and that’s why I went to check out what was going on. There was police everywhere. I asked one of the officers what the problem was and he said that there was a murder last night in this apartment. A man’s dead body was found in this apartment. Nobody has a clue onto who killed the man as there were no clues left nor there were any cc TV cameras. The police officer said that nobody even saw anyone coming in last night. So this was truly a mystery onto who might have killed the person. Now somehow, this place looked familiar to me. This apartment is close to my apartment. I came out of that place and saw that place from a distance. That’s when something struck me! It was the same apartment in which my drone by mistakenly went in. And I was sure that the drone might have caught some footage of it.

I even noticed it in the classroom when I was presenting my project. But I couldn’t see it at that time. Even last night after I brought my drone back from that apartment, I didn’t it with my laptop. I was busy preparing for my presentation. But now I had to go home and check what my drone had actually caught. I ran to my apartment to check what’s there on the laptop. When I saw the footage, I had a shock of a lifetime. The drone had caught everything. The man who was killing another man was also seen through this footage. Since my drone was silent while it was flying, the man didn’t spot my drone. So here it is! I have the footage of the person who killed the man in my neighboring apartment.

I didn’t think of anything. I just took the footage and rushed to the police station. The police were over there still discussing about the gruesome murder that happened in that apartment last night. I told them my story of how my drone by mistakenly went inside the apartment and hence I caught the entire murder on camera. The police at first taught that I was kidding. But then when I showed them the footage, they all were shocked. They were so happy to see the murderer. They congratulated me and told me that this footage will help them in this case. The chief officer finally arrived. When he saw the footage, he said that it was the famous criminal Yakam. He had escaped the prison. He is a burglar and would enter people’s houses and loot everything they have. If someone tries to stop him, then he would brutally murder that person.

So now everybody knows that Yakam is the killer. But where does he hide? Actually, it was not my business. But since now I’m so much involved in this case, the officers told me that I will have to come with them. They assured me that my life will not be at risk. So after I submitted the video to the police station, the police officers and I sat in the police car to go and find him. After searching for a long time, we were finally able to track him down.

He was hiding in one of the deepest houses in the forest. All of us surrounded the house. It was the night. The chief officer told me to use my drone to see if Yakam was in there. I attached a small chip in my drone so that I can see through my laptop what the drone is seeing. I also activated night mode on my drone. Then I silently flew it inside the house. As expected, he was there inside. The police officers told me to check if he has any guns. Thankfully, he had no guns. He only used knives to kill people. The police officers moved forward and hence called him out with their mike.

The criminal came out and was arrested as he had no other option. I felt so proud. My drone helped the police catch a dangerous criminal. After all this, they felicitated me with an award and also promised me a great job in the FBI after I graduate. My life changed for the good after I created my drone. The detective drone. I was so inspired, and I also inspired my fellow friends to create something authentic and new in their life. You never know what you can create!

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