Drones Help Catch Tiger

I was fast asleep when my bedroom when my phone began to ring. I refused to open my eyes hoping that the person who was calling would give up and find someone else to bother. I had no such luck.

After the call rang out the first time, it began again.

I still refused to pick it up, believing that the fellow would be frustrated and angrily decide to stop calling. The phone rang four more times before I picked it up, figuring that the matter must be a serious one for the caller to keep calling.

Hello?” I said into the phone.

Josh, where are you? I have been calling your number for a while,” the person said.

Who is speaking please?” I asked.

It’s me, Sarah.”


Yes. Josh, I need your help desperately.” Sarah said.

Sarah was my high school friend. Her house was very close to mine. We even dated for about three years but we later broke up when we went to different colleges. After college, we both stayed in Dallas.

She worked as the manager of a zoo while I worked as the CEO of a tech company that dealt in the production of drones and other navigational gadgets. I still met with Sarah occasionally, and we would go to a restaurant or bar and have a wonderful time. We never called them dates.

What can I do you for?” I asked.

A tiger escaped from the zoo,” she said.

Ah, crap. How did that happen?” I asked.

We fired one of the workers last week for sloppy work,” Sarah said. “He managed to get back in later and free many of the animals. We were able to get back all of them except the tiger.”

Where did it go?” I ASKED.

Into the thick forest behind the zoo.”

Then what do you need me for? I can kill a cockroach much less a tiger.”

Josh, I need one of your drones to help my guys catch it in the forest.”

Oh, all right, give me thirty minutes, and I will join you.”

Thanks, Josh, I really appreciate it.”

When she hung up, I ran to the bathroom and had a quick bath. I returned to the bedroom and put on jeans and a jacket. I got my car keys and ran to my car. As I drove to my company, I called my secretary to get the best drone we have ready.

When I got to the company, I went directly to the area where the drones are kept and met with my secretary and chief of operations. “Is the best,” I asked.

Yes sir,” the CO said. ‘What do you want it for?”

We want to use it to track a tiger that was released from a zoo.”

Oh, I hope it is not in the city.”

What? Are you afraid?”

Yes, sir. I don’t think I will go home early today.” I laughed.

When I got the drone and the remote, I drove to the zoo immediately. I found Sarah and some of her workers waiting outside the gates of the zoo. Most of the men had tranquilizer guns in their hands.

Thank God you are here,” Sarah said when I got out of the car.

Where did the tiger pass through,” I asked.

Come, I will show you.”

They led me into the zoo and then got into another car that traveled to the far end of the zoo. The zoo occupied a large area of land, and there were plans of extending it further.

We finally reached the end of the zoo where there was a tall and long electric fence.

The guy switched off the electricity supply and cut the fence here to allow the tiger to escape,” Sarah told me.

The guy must be very crazy. Where is he now?” I asked.

He has been arrested. The police officers wanted to take over the capture of the tiger, but I managed to convince them that we can do it ourselves. They gave me two hours before they step in.”

How much time do we have left?”

Sarah checked her wristwatch. “About an hour,” she said.

Then we have to get to work,” I said. “What is the plan?”

You help us track the tiger with the drone and direct these men to its location.”

Good.” I began to set up the drone. The drone was about six inches, and it could fly very long distance. I inserted a chip to the drone and another chip to a big monitor screen. I powered up the drone and got it up in the sky with its remote. It brought back a very clear picture of us.

Okay. Now, we have to determine how long ago the tiger disappeared and where it could be hiding right now in the forest and also how far it can run.”

We have already done that,” Sarah said. She brought out a map and showed me the area of the forest where they believed the tiger could be hiding.”

Cool. Let’s begin.”

I directed the drone forward and into the forest. After thirty minutes of recording the expressions of rodents, monkeys, snakes, and other animals, trees, etc., I finally found the tiger. It was sleeping on a short tree.

I gave the men with the tranquilizers directions, and they moved slowly towards the tiger. The men were so cautious that by the time they reached the tree where the tiger was, the two hours given to Sarah was up.

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