2 major reasons why I learned to fly a drone


To retain my title as being the peskiest kid on the block and also because flying a drone was nerdy or just dope.

As regards the first reason, it wasn’t even news that I could be a big-time pain in the ass. Most of my friends and my big sister call me ‘Tyler the Tewwible’ never mind the obvious alliteration.


I sighed heavily and headed towards my room which was on the other side of the house, and my summer holiday was turning out to be a real shame.

It was a shame really, Belmont located in the very heart of Ogunquit was the worst place to be for a summer holiday.


The door to my room was a jar, so I gained entry easily. It was just a typical teenage boy’s room: the wall was covered with posters of Chris Gareth and Judas Priest who happened to be my favorite rockstars, there was also a faded poster of Spiderman and Luke Skywalker which was almost in shreds.


Some of my game consoles littered the bed alongside with a few comic books, and at a far corner in the room was my computer and of course the newly acquired drone all propped up on my reading table.

I headed towards the reading table and sat down on the chair admiring the drone. Since I had acquired it; I had not really taken the liberty of testing it or even reading through the manual which was a bit odd of me (I love reading manuals!).

In this case, I had not bothered to open it, so it was still lying in that carton untouched and unscathed.

I examined the drone’s pack slowly and tried to decipher the words written on it, the words were just blurred up making it even more difficult to read, but I could still make out: DR-16 SMART DRONE CRAFT WITH REMOTE CONTROL.

I considered the addition of remote control in the label irrelevant, everyone knew drones had remote controls, how else could you operate them?


Nonetheless, it was time to unbox the drone and perhaps see if it could help in alleviating my boredom which was by now most definitely at its peak.

I opened the pack slowly taking my time to remove the strips of tape which had been used in sealing it, and peered into it.

The drone craft was there alright, and it was in perfect condition, absolutely good condition and besides it in another compartment was its remote control.

I could also make out a small booklet which I could only guess would be the manual for flying it.

After I had emptied the contents of the box on my bed, I took up the drone’s manual and studied it closely reading through the instructions carefully.

Most of the instructions were pretty straightforward, but some of them were not really too clear, so I decided I had to practice a bit using the drone.


But as a precaution, I wasn’t allowed to fly for not more than a few miles around my neighborhood because I wasn’t really a licensed drone pilot yet and according to the manual I had to pass a test, which currently costs $150 for the initial exam.

Well, since I wasn’t exactly planning on being a drone pilot, I didn’t actually need the test or the license at least not for the time being anyway.

I checked out the remote control, there were lots of functions on it which seemed rather comprehensive for me, and since I was used to racing games, this didn’t pose a problem.

With most of these things in mind, I decided to test the drone. There was actually one last detail which I didn’t mention; the drone also had a mini camera which allowed me to see feeds which would be projected on a small screen on the remote control.

Although I had never really seen the use of ultra-kinetic signal technology, it was very astonishing that my drone could have that feature.

The drone hummed after I had turned it on, and slowly I gripped the remote control in my hands somewhat savoring the feel of the plastic.


I pushed the stick upwards, and the drone was soon floating above me, it was just sheer fun, I throttled it a bit navigating it inside the room being very careful not to bump into the obstacles in my cramped room.

Using the video feedback allowed me to navigate easily, and I was soon able to ride the drone successfully towards the door which I hurried to open.

A very nasty mischievous idea had formed in the head, and I intended to make sure that my sister was actually going to scream her head off.


The drone floated through the corridor, of course; the video feeds were clear enough, and I was able to move fairly easily through, but as I navigated it towards Lisa’s room I soon remembered that she had long slammed the door shut.

But it was just a minor setback, and I navigated the drone towards the kitchen just past my Mom who was busy baking pancakes or whatever, she didn’t actually see the drone float just above her head and out into the summer afternoon.

The drone floated upwards as I employed the right stick which controlled the altitude and up it went directly towards Lisa’s window which was open.

She was completely unaware of the drone hovering outside her window as she twerked to one of Rihanna’s songs, and I was getting live footage of it! I tapped on record, and after I had saved the footage, I decided to make sure she knew I had been watching her anyway.

You can imagine how loud she screamed my name and well; the rest is history, Mom gave me a few lectures on how not to spy on unsuspecting individuals with my drone, Bla… Blah… Blah…




My very first experience with drone flying soon found me becoming even more interested in drones and how to build them.

Made friends with a guy from school named Curtis Cobbler who was also into drone building and together we worked at qualifying for the Drone Racing League.

“Now, that’s a real beauty” the voice floated down to me, it sounded vaguely familiar, but I was still quite absent-minded.

“You bet that it is” I replied almost immediately, “Took almost five months to build but it was worth every single time, and all that remains is to test run it.”

“But it won’t be winning this year’s DRL, you can actually count on that for sure Tyler” the voice started again, and this time I whirled around sharply to find Curt smiling at me.

“Curt? What are you doing down here?” I frowned, he could actually be a real pain in the ass if he wanted.

“Actually, I wasn’t even aware of the fact that you were down here, your mum only just informed me, and I find out that you’re quite busy” he drawled emphasizing on the last word.


“Yeah…” I nodded my head slowly, “So how’s your drone coming along? Fixed the damned rotors yet?”

“That’s actually why I’m here Ty, wanted to show you how the drone works? But since you’ve completed yours, how about a little race against each other?” Curt said waving his remote control in front of me.

“I’m not really game for that, I mean; I just built this thing, I don’t want it getting involved in any sort of racing anytime soon” I replied.

“That’d be too bad Ty if the drone does have issues, how would you be able to find that out?” Curt furthered.

“Well, I didn’t actually think of that, but the likelihood is very slim, besides I don’t want any nasty scratches on it, you always ride dirty Curt” I replied winking at him, there was actually no way I was going to allow him to coax me into having any race against him.

“Your choice than” Curt finally gave up nodding his head in understanding, he paused a bit and took out the remote control of his drone.


As I looked on at him curiously, he turned on the drone which was set just outside the house and navigated it through the house watching the cameras carefully, and I was awestruck because the signal of most drones was usually only within a specific range.

Within seconds the drone had found its way into the basement and was floating just above us, Curt grinned at me and allowed the drone to settle on the table just beside the DX- 2000.

“Dude that was totally wicked” I complimented, “how were you able to get a strong signal to access the drone? That’s not even supposed to be actually possible.”

“It was only made possible due to ultra-kinetic signal response, and I did the design myself though” Curt replied.

I sighed a little bit and glanced at my own drone, and I had most certainly not even thought of that at all.

“Well, so what do you say? We have a mini race right now?” Curt repeated, I could see that eagerness scribbled on his face, there was actually no how the DX-2000 would stand a chance against his own drone.

“Okay then Curtis, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” I said and proceeded to pick up the remote control, which I turned on and accessed the drone functions.

Curt only laughed hysterically and also took out his remote control, which he then accessed another internal function and clicked on autopilot.


As the two drones circled the air at furious speed, I gasped when I finally noticed that Curtis wasn’t doing any navigation at all, his damned drone was moving on its own.

“How did you also do that?” I managed to croak out.

“The same method” was his simple reply as he looked on at the video feedback coming from the cameras attached to his drone.

The drones shot up skywards, and I had to keep navigating because Curt was gaining so much ground on me, and before I could blink he was way past me, he had fired up the nitrogen boost in his own.

“Dang! That’s actually cheating Curt” I protested after the race was done.

“Not really Ty, it’s just tactile and very precise, and that’s the only thing that can win us the DRL cup,” Curt said.

“I guess so” I replied.

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