My new Drone with Camera Watches Neighborhood


It came in the mail, and I couldn’t wait. The box, so pristine, so massive, I almost didn’t even want to open the box; however, I did. I tore through it like a child on his birthday and threw the cardboard apart with my bare hands. I couldn’t even contain my excitement to grab a knife or pair of scissors to help aid me.


I struggle for a few. But I got to it.

There it was, all ready to go and I spent half an hour testing it out around the house.

My new drone.

It was the new Phantom 4 drone, one I needed a license to operate, but I wasn’t going to waste my time getting a stupid license that cost ample amounts of money.


I had to test it out. I set up the camera, and got used to the controls and began flying Tiger III, what I called it, around my apartment building, but I kept it high, and myself, so no one saw me.

I passed by windows of all the apartments, saw people cooking dinner, watching TV, playing board games, video games, or whatever they were doing, but I didn’t stay too long in case of exposure of my beautiful Tiger III. I kept myself hidden inside my apartment as I flew it around.


With this new vantage, I felt powerful, it felt slightly invasive, but I could hold the secrets to these new people. I decided to do this often, and I became a voyeur, and I loved it. I knew the dirt of all people, even though I never wanted actually to act on blackmailing, but I found out my neighbor was having an affair with the person two floors above them, and I didn’t care. I simply enjoyed the fact of knowing.

The resident in the complex next to me was selling bad stuff from his unit, and two down from him was often buying, nearly daily, always at the same time.


I never wanted to be caught, so I kept it secret. I knew some people began questioning and seeing Tiger III, but I made sure I was never caught. I could have been fined or imprisoned for what I was doing, which was all part of the rush.

Two months went by when things became very weird.

I first noticed this large winged creature that would fly onto my building. I couldn’t describe it at first, which I thought it was just a big bat; I was mistaken, truly, and honestly mistaken.

Every night, a winged creature began landing on the building and then eventually I saw it while using my drone, enter an apartment in the complex, entering through the window with no effort, as if it could move through physical matter. When I saw this creature left, it held a silhouette of what appeared to be a person.

The next day I awoke to the ambulance and heard the rumors that this particular resident went into a coma, unconscious to anything and everything around.


I felt my heart jump and become slightly nervous. I needed to tell someone what I saw. I went back into my apartment and checked over the footage Tiger III caught that evening. It was solid, exactly as I remembered it. This large bat-like creature entered that window and took something looking nearly like a person, like a soma, almost, and the next morning that person was in a coma.

I vowed to do this again the next night, and I was right. This creature entered another window and took another … something and the same thing occurred.

Another Ambulance.

I saw the creature the next night and the following night, for nearly a week straight this happened.


I had the answer, but I couldn’t tell them. I had the footage, the proof something was happening in the complex. The complex had become known as Comatose Flats, and people began moving out. I thought about doing it too, but I stayed. I couldn’t afford to leave. I spent all my excess money on Tiger III I was confined and trapped.

I called my friend and told him everything, ask him to stay, to assist me, because we needed to catch this creature.

And this is where we are now.

It’s Friday night. I give him a walkie-talkie, and I direct him. I see the creature, and I tell him on the talkie where I see the creature.

It’s entering B-4,” I say to him.



He tells me the doors locked, but I tell him to break it open to save this person’s life. I didn’t tell him the creature looked at Tiger III this time as if it saw me looking at it. It wasn’t looking at the drone but directly at me.

It’s too dark in here, mate,” he tells me.

Hurry, it just entered. Tell me what you see!”

Nothing a blur. It’s too dark. Wait a minute,” he says, breathing deeply. “I hear a noise—”

“—What kind of noise?”

Sucking sounds, deep inhalations!”

Do you see it?!”

Oh my god! It’s so big. It’s looking at me, mate! It’s coming for me. Oh, my g—”

Tim! Tim!!”


He didn’t respond. I turn back to the camera, watching this creature exit the window in the same manner as it entered. It has two of these souls, and it flies directly at Tiger III, and at that point, I begin flying the drone away trying to avoid it, but it was too dark, and it eventually catches up to it. The drone falls from the sky, lands on the ground and the camera, still working, I notice is recording my apartment window.

Seconds later, I see the creature on the camera, land on the window and in unison I hear the screeching of something entering through it, like a separation of molecules and I turn from the camera and the demonic creature, which I can only assume to be a form a death lunges at me.

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