I Flew with a Heat Sensing Camera


My three friends and I decided to go on a camping trip one weekend. We wanted to use the time to enjoy nature, reminisce about old times and have a lot of fun. We used to do a lot of camping when we were kids, and this time, we planned to spend three days camping.


Coincidentally, it was also around the same period that I had planned to propose to Megan, my fiancée. My plan was to propose to her in the midst of our best friends, during a get-together that we had already planned after the camping trip.


Before we went camping, I purchased a very expensive ring which I was going to use to propose. I could afford it since I had a lot of money which I had made from the creation of sophisticated gadgets. I was the CEO of the company that invented the gadgets.


Before I became CEO, I was in the army where I joined the Special Forces, and I participated in a lot of missions that I couldn’t talk to anyone about. After I got out of the Special Forces, I was able to start a company that created several kinds of gadgets that made people’s lives easier.


My two friends since childhood, Murphy and John also worked with me in the company. One other thing we planned to do during our camping was to test a new drone prototype that we had just created. The drone was a marvel, according to the specs.


The drone had batteries that were rechargeable and could last for days. It was also wirelessly connected to a video camera. This means that while the drone is flying in the sky, you can be on the ground recording everything that the drone sees.


The drone also had some special and unique properties that allow you see sense heat signatures from living things on the ground. Currently, we are looking to add features that will enable the drone to record animals moving on land, and plants and then name them for you.


The drone would be very useful for people who do documentaries about wild animals. It means you can be about five miles away and record a lion or rhinoceros with the video camera affixed to the drone. What’s more? The image was very clear too.


The drone was also useful for people in the military, law enforcement agencies, and it can also be used by photographers and videographers to record events in a large convention or party.


Anyway, back to the ring. I didn’t buy the expensive ring because I wanted to impress Megan or anything. Megan was not the kind of person to be impressed easily by expensive things; she preferred that people put thoughts into the gift to be given to her, no matter how cheap the gift was.


However, when we were teenagers, I had promised that I would one day buy her an expensive gift. She mentioned the type of ring she wanted, and I vowed to purchase one for her when we were older.


Of course, we had been kidding back then, but I took my promises seriously. When I was wealthy enough to purchase the special ring, I bought it. The ring was one of a kind, and I was told that it would be very difficult to find another like it. Ever since I bought the ring, it had always been with me wherever I went. I took it along to our camping area.


John, Murphy and I finally drove into the woods where we would camp for three days. We had been there since we were kids. We took along the drone and a monitor and other equipment.


We had a nice time, and on the second day, I went to relieve myself far away from the camp. When I returned, I found the camp in disarray.


What happened?” I asked Murphy and John whose faces had been bruised. “Were you guys fighting?”


Yes!” Murphy said. “With robbers.”

They just appeared from nowhere, six of them. They robbed us and beat us up.”

Sorry Ashley, they took our phones too,” John said.

What about the drone?” I asked.


No, they didn’t see that. It was hidden under my pillow. Sorry man, they also took your ring.”

Oh no,” I moaned. “I need to get it back.”


Dude, you can take on six men, even if you were once in the Special Forces,” Murphy said.

That’s right,” John said. “Don’t worry. We will help you buy a new ring.”


I shook my head. “No…no, you don’t understand. That ring is unique. Listen, I have an idea. We can use the drone to track them down, and I can take them all down without them being aware.”

I still think it is dangerous,” John said.

Don’t worry about me,” I said. “I have done this hundred times.”


We quickly connected the drone to the monitor, which they didn’t steal. Murphy took the drone out and launched it in the sky. John and I watched the monitor, and then we activated the heat signals. In less than ten seconds, we found the robbers. They were walking slowly in the woods.


Great,” I said. “I am going after them.” I took a small communicating device which looked like an earpiece. With it, I could communicate with both Murphy and John. I ran into the wild with Murphy and John giving me directions.


After running for about fifteen minutes, I head Murphy’s voice.

Stop Ashley, and there are two men twenty feet away from you. They are taking a leak, and I can see them. So tiny.”

Focus, Murphy,” I heard John say.


My training set in and I moved slowly towards the two gunmen. They were just finishing up and were ready to go and join the others. I sprang up from my hiding place and crashed on their backs. We all landed on the ground.


I jumped up quickly and smashed a kick to the head of one. He flew back and crashed against a tree. In the same movement, I punched the other in the gut, and when he doubled, I followed it up with a fist in the face. Teeth flew out as he fell.


Both men were unconscious. I searched them for the ring but only saw my and John’s phone.

Wow, that was cool man,” I heard John say. “Hey Murphy, are you recording this?”

I sure am,” I heard John say.


Two down, four to go. I looked up at the sky by I couldn’t see the drone. I suddenly heard John speak. “Hey, Ashley, it seems three people heard the commotion. They are coming towards you.


I could hear the voices. Like a monkey, l leaped towards the nearest short tree and climbed it in record time. Soon, I saw three armed men run towards the unconscious men on the ground.


I dived towards them and landed on one. As we fell to the ground, I grabbed the rifle from his hand. I turned towards the others and smashed the butt of the rifle on their heads. As they went down, I turned again and kicked the first guy in the face.


As I began to search their unconscious bodies, I heard some behind me. “Freeze.”


I froze, turned a little and saw the last man, probably their leader. He looked me up and down. “Who the heck are you?” he asked.


He was too far away so I couldn’t do anything. Suddenly, I saw an object appear behind the guy. I could hear the whining sound of the drone. The man turned, and the drone smashed into his face. I quickly punched him in the face.


I searched him and found the ring on his body. “Nice job, guys,” I told Murphy and John. Now we need to call the cops.

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