I Flew around India with HD Camera


I had my HD Cam mounted drone at my disposal to savor the culture and scenic beauty of the place. I started with the beautiful city of Jodhpur and its surrounding fortress. The experience was enthralling. Especially the Mehrangarh fortress was a sight to watch. Reaching the fortress, I quickly unpacked my drone kit and got it ready for the breathtaking reconnaissance mission that lay ahead.


I was all ready to make the drone airborne, and then once everything was in place, I launched my drone. To be honest, I had made many drone videos in the past, of the unique tourist attractions in the world, but this experience somehow seemed very different, and I was excited about it.


The drone was airborne now, and I was flying it away from the fort to get a complete view of the Western wall front. The architecture was magnificent, made out of solid rock. I carefully adjusted my drone, looking at my video feedback from the Drone CAM, I wanted to start my video from the North Western side of the Fort to capture the city of Jodhpur in the backdrop.


Once I was satisfied with the view, I started recording, lifting the drone higher up, to get the complete expanse of the city. Then I moved the drone to the limit of the control range so I could capture the complete stretch of the fort. It was an awe-striking view, the fortress stood like a mountain, divided into sections which clearly represented the intelligence and creativity that the fortress was designed with.


Once I had made sure that I had covered enough angles from a distance, I decided to move the drone closer to the fortress. Before closing in on the fortress itself, I moved the drone to hover above the artificial lake near the fortress, which had served the fortress during its days of glory.


Then I flew the drone to the other side of the fortress and changed the perspective. Now the backdrop was that of barren land that ran for a long distance. Then hovering over the fortress directly, I rotated the drone, giving a 180-degree view of what the fortress is surrounded by. And once again the diversity impressed me, to one side was the bustling city of Jodhpur, and on the other was a patch of land with nothing but mounds and sporadic uncontrolled vegetation. That is diversity that I saw everywhere in India, and if I had to describe the diversity of India in one frame, this frame from my drone cam was the one.


India is a country of diversity. Culture, landscape, and religion everything is so diverse and spread out that never lets you get satiated with the undiscovered gems of diversity. I have been traveling around the world, capturing the most breathtaking sceneries from my HD drone camera, but never have I seen a place as scenically beautiful and awesome as India.


Be it the beautiful evenings of the Rajasthan desert, the relics of Banaras, the hill stations of Darjeeling or the bustling city of Mumbai, India is the complete package for any tourist to satiate their cravings of tourism.


Personally, it was the colorful state of “kings” (that is what it means by Rajhastan) that impressed me the most. The state within itself had so much diversity and colors that I felt like never leaving the place. I traveled to Rajasthan in winters, as the weather is pleasant and homes a lot of local festivities during the season.


Once I had pictured the fortress and its surroundings, I started to capture the view directly from the top of the fort. I zoomed in on the watchtowers; that overlooked the city. I had been so lost with my photography that I had almost forgotten the battery of my drone was almost running out. I quickly made one last circle around the fort, waving at the cam from the point I was standing at, and then lowered the drone back.


Packing my drone, I almost felt patting on its head, as if it were a hunting dog who had done a great job for the day. Well, for me it was my trustworthy partner that helped me view the world from a perspective I would never have been able to without it.


After packing, I completed my tour of the fortress, learning about its history. Learning the history of the fort made me even more attached to the place, as I could now relate the footages I had taken to historical facts. The feeling was great.


Tired and totally done for the day I returned to my hotel room with only one thing on my mind, this was just first of the many fortresses in Rajhastan and which one should be my next stop?

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