The Racing that Turned Enemies into Friends



My name is John, I am an engineering student and love technology and drones, I have a dream of introducing my drone and here is my surprising story…

The enemies

You must have been wondering that who is my enemy and why we ended up being enemies. Harry goes to the same college as me, and we have the same majors. We are very competitive and love to study because our goals are to get into the top tech companies. However, I am planning to start my own business, but he is going to get in the company where I am doing an internship. Our fight started with a project where we were partners. It was all going good in the beginning because we divided the project into parts and all were going well.

We were supposed to assemble the project two days before the submission date to assure that check that everything was working perfectly. However, once the project was assembled, we kept the final device in my locker at university because the lock of his locker was broken. The next morning at least 23 hours before the submission date when I opened the locker there some parts of the device that were broken. I was shocked and angry because I was going to get blamed for destroying the project. The surprising part was someone damaged all those parts that were done by Harry. I think someone tried to make it look like I did it on purpose. While I was trying to fix everything, Harry came and saw what happened. I told him everything, but it seemed like someone brainwashed him to assure that we will not end up being friends and this is what happened. We got good grades for the project, but Harry assured that he would make my life a living hell because he blamed me for damaged the parts of the project that he has done. I have not been able to find the real culprit but I surely will one day.


Got my first ever drone

I am in my last year of college, and everyone is preparing for their jobs and businesses that they are going to start. I have been saving money to buy a drone for seven months because that is the only way I am going to get into the technology that I am planning to create.

You will be surprised to know that last week I got the letter for turning my internship into a full-time job as well as Harry got the acceptance letter as well. No doubt that I am going to be there for only a few weeks but working with Harry is going to be difficult because he still tries to get me every possible time. However, I am only going to work there for a few months until I save enough money to start my business, so I am ready for the new challenge. So, today I brought my first ever drone, and I am ready to take it out for a flight because I can dig in and find out everything about the technology that is used to create this beauty.


The beautiful flights

I took the drone in my favorite park and started flying it. You would not believe that I loved everything about it.

The speed, result of camera and even the battery timing. I was able to fly it for an hour, and it took me only 20 minutes to learn how to take control over the machine without damaging it. This was a dream come true for me because I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, but lack of money was the reason that I was unable to make my dreams come true. I have to support my family, and that is why it took me some time to save enough money. However, I am proud of the choice that I have made because it will surely help me to take my business to the next level. I recorded some short videos and took some pictures. It helped me to understand the technology properly without any kind of mistakes.


Some taunts and a bet

While I was checking the images that I have taken someone pushed me from behind. It was no other than Harry and his best friend. You will be surprised to know that this guy Zack has been with Harry after our first fight and I believe that he has been using Harry. Harry is a rich guy, and he gets all he wants, and Zack is having the advantage of everything that Harry has. Harry started blaming me for getting the job in the same firm. He knew that I have been working in the company for a long time and I am not going to keep this job.

However, it seemed like he is not going to let it got. He told me that he would ask his father to assure that he would get me kicked out of the job because that would be his final revenge to what I have done to him in the first semester of our college. I said nothing because within a few days I will be able to find out the real truth of what happened that day.

The worst thing that Harry did was that he called my drone a piece of crap because it is not expensive or latest. I got angry because he did not know that how much work I have put into this drone and how long I had to wait to get this technology. Without even thinking I told him that if he has such a great technology why should not we race. The winner gets it all. It seemed like it was the golden opportunity for him because he took it. I told him that if I win, he would have to spend 2 hours with me on Friday and he agreed with a grin on his face and said that if I lose, I will quit the job. I got scared, but there is nothing that could stop me now.


Training for the race

Harry knew that the battery timing of my drone was not good and it was his gold chance to win because according to the rules we have to fly the drone for 1 hour 30 minutes, and mine could only last 50 to 60 minutes. I was not going to lose, and so, I started training. I learned to fly the drone perfectly. After that, I took some time to assure that I can make some changes into the drone to assure that its battery timing will be increased. I brought some new batteries and tweaked them with the drone in such a way that it would fly for 2 hours. After that, I reduced the power that was used by the camera and other features of the drone that I did not require for the race. I did that because having some extra flight time would be beneficial for me. You will be surprised to know that with a few changes I was able to increase the flight time of my drone from 50 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes. I was glad that I had understood the technology behind it.


It’s time to win the game

On the day of the race, we met in the same park. I went there alone, but Harry was with Zack. You will be surprised to know that what happened next. I noticed that Zack was recording everything, but I kept quiet because I thought Harry has told him to do so because if I lose, they could show it to the entire school. I was amazed to see the drone Harry had and truly appreciated him for the technology he was holding. He was surprised on the comments that I made, and in 4 years it was the first genuine smile that he gave me after that fight.

We started flying the drone, and I was mesmerized by the speed and beauty of Harry’s drone, but I knew my flying time was more and I will surely win this race. The game was on that the drone was flying like a beauty in the sky. We were having fun because no one was ready to lose and after a long time we were laughing at the tricks that were happening in the sky. It was fun.


The wing broke, and the drone disappeared

It was 2 hours into the race, and Harry was amazed that how I can fly my drone for such a long time. We were about to end the race because it was a draw and Harry told me that he was getting late for a party and promised that he would spend that time that I asked him for. I seemed like Zack was not happy with the idea. He told Harry that he would tell his father about the drone and the race they were having because everything was recorded. Harry got distracted by what he was saying and accidentally lost control over the drone, and it disappeared into the trees beside the park. We were unable to locate the drone, and Harry got scared. Zack told Harry that he needs 100 K dollars to keep his mouth shut. I was surprised at what type of friendship it was. Zack told that he has been looking for this opportunity for four years. Now he has all the secrets of Harry, and he could easily do anything that he wants. He went to his car and left. I was surprised and shocked at the same time.


Do not worry I am here to help

I knew how Harry felt for losing his drone and from the corner of his eye I knew that there is something serious. I told him that there is nothing to worry about and I am going to help him find the drone. I used the GPS tracking system of my drone, and within 1 minute we found the drone.

Harry was surprised and shocked. He appreciated my skills and I asked him about sharing a few things over a beer. He told me that he is not allowed to drink, so we could share lunch at his place I went to his house and was surprised to see how rich they were. This is the reason Zack told him to give 100K because Harry could easily do it. At that moment I told Harry that I did not ruin the 1st-semester project, someone else did it, and I have given application for CCTV footage and will get it on the day that I asked Harry to meet me on. Harry was shocked and told me that Zack told him that I damaged the project and was lying about what not doing it.

I got angry but was surprised at the same time. I asked Harry that why he was threatening you. Harry said that he is the only child and his father is very strict about his education and career. Getting into the company is his dream come true and his father would not let him invest in drones or other products because he thinks its waste of time. He said that if his father found out about the drone, he would get angry, and no one likes to see Harry’s father angry. He told me that the reason he got angry about the first project was that if he failed that project his father would not have let him follow his dreams that is why he had to excel in every project to prove that he is worth it. I had a plan in my mind an told him that I would like to meet his father.


We had the best party

You would not believe that Harry father was a strict but a nice man. When I met him, I was surprised that he knew everything about me. He told me that he wanted his son to be my friend instead of that brat, Zack. He was a technologist as well, and I told him that Harry and I had been friends, but Zack is creating some issues.

I showed him drones that Harry and I have. He was about to get angry at Harry, but before it could happen, I requested him to explain a few things. I told him that I forced Harry to buy the drone because I am working on a project that I would turn into a business and without Harry’s help it would not have been possible.

I showed him that ho I had increased the fly time of drone with Harry’s help and today while we were testing the drones in the form of a race to find out whether my idea was successful or not Zack recorded everything and threatened Harry that he needs 100 K otherwise he would share it with you. Harry father checked and believed me. At the same time, I told him that what happened in the 1st semester.

The next morning, he called the authorities of college to get access to the CCTV footage, and it was clear in the tape that Zack damaged the project. Everything was proved, and Harry knew who his real friend was. After that, he becomes good friends and had the best party of the evening.

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