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This is Why Drones Flyaway or Crash and How to Prevent


There are several instances which are beyond the control of the owners too, such as Flyaways, among other things. Flyway is a situation when the drone flies off away from the owners after getting rogue. Researches and surveys conducted have revealed that nearly 1/3rd of the DJI drone users have experienced this and around 120 people have not even seen their drone after one such chapter or instance of Flyaways. There are a few reasons that this could occur which will be discussed in a further part of this article.


If you are lucky, then you might be saved from incurring losses on some of the accidents and crashes. However, relying on pure luck isn’t the right choice when you are dealing with equipment which easily costs $1000. There are lessons which you must adhere to and habits that you should adopt while flying a drone so that you could fly them safely and prevent any losses.

Reasons for drone crash and ways of prevention of the same.



  1. Skipping Pre-Flight Checkups – A faulty battery or an improperly placed propeller? These are one among the most common reasons why a crash happens. You could check whether the propellers are working or not by just giving them a wiggle and ensuring their proper attachment as well as their working. You must also glance over the antennas to check if they are correctly placed being able to get the signal or not.


  1. GPS Checkup – The essential condition for a safe and secure flight is GPS. To ensure that you get pinpoint flight accuracy, you must make sure that you get connected to at least seven satellite. Another factor that you must consider before taking a flight is that you must be present at a place where the GPS signals could easily reach to the drone, such as a Tall building or an open ground. GPS problem often leads to situations such as Flyaways.


  1. Compass Calibration – Compass can become detuned because of usage and led to the crash of drone. This happens because the calibration of the device becomes faulty and essential function such as ‘Return to Home’ gets affected. The easiest solution to such problems is that you keep away the drone form places which are magnetic. For example, you must avoid keeping it close to the car speakers when traveling and so on. The magnetic devices have a habit of affecting such sensitive parts. As discussed above, improper compass calibration is also one of the top reasons of Flyaways.


  1. Return to Home function – We all think that Return to Home button is a panacea to all problems. However this is not the case, it should only be used at the places where it is required to be used. One must keep in mind that the drone traces the straight line to the home point and there might be times when there are obstructions in the way of home. So you must make a point in your mind to click that button only after due thoughts and consideration.


  1. Loose or Damaged props – The technology behind creating propellers have become increasingly sophisticated and better with the passing time. However, there are certain times when the props may be damaged, and it could lead to crashing your drone. So it is always wise to look and inspect for those props so that you don’t end up damaging your drone. To all the more likely secure your automation, you can likewise join to it a different yet similarly critical gadget: a GPS tracker. On the off chance that propellers are there to help your automaton, a GPS observing gadget is here for you to monitor your automaton’s area. So before you let it go off your hands, ensure your automaton is furnished with a GPS ramble tracker.


  1. Reading the User Manual – No matter how much we keep ourselves in touch with the latest trends and technologies, there might be times when we couldn’t simply deal with some new advancements that have been brought. To help ourselves in these situations, it is better to refer to User manuals as the companies have put up all the necessary information which is needed for a safe and secure flight experience. Also, we would suggest you read it two to three times if required.


  1. Visual Coordination and other difficulties – There are certain situations which are not technical, however still are responsible for drone failure. Some drone users lose their drone because of misdirection, which essentially means they mistook the head or front part of the drone as back part or vice versa, which made the drone go far away to places beyond reach. Another reason for losing a drone is flying them above and beyond VLOS or visual line of sight. This further leads to misjudgment regarding direction. That is why the companies and several governments have prescribed that the drone by flown only till where the visual line of sight exists. The recent guidelines issued by the Government of India also specify the same as they have legalized the use of drones in the country.



Drones have become an important part of our lives and have acquired significance in several professions. Not just for professionals, even amateur photographers and video makers have laid their hands upon these drones as it provides them with ultimate good shots and point of view. The advancements in drone technology have made it accessible to the masses. However not everyone who gets the access to drone has gained expertise in their usage, so it is obvious that several crashes are happening in the regular intervals of a drone’s life.

So this is all from our side, we hope you found this article helpful. We would like it if you keep the points mentioned above in mind while flying drone.



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