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How to Travel with a Drone, What you Need to Know


Here are some tips which you could follow while traveling with drones so that your journey becomes easy. However, first, we would like to brief you with the rules and regulations concerning the drones.


  1. Regulations relating to the battery – Batteries are important while traveling with a drone, however, there are certain conditions that you need to adhere to. The first condition is that only two lithium-ion batteries over 100-watt-hours (Wh) are permissible to carry. There is no limit for most batteries under 100-watt-hours. You must make sure that the cells are kept in an environment which is nonhazardous while traveling on the plane. For example, you must carry them within some plastic bag which is fireproof and then consider covering both termini of the batteries.


  1. Inform the authorities regarding the drone – While being in the security line if security line you could inform the authority’s that you have a Drone with you because if they don’t know about it they will take their time to inspect the thing present in the bag and it could take a lot of time so it would be better if you could inform them beforehand to save time of yours and the authority’s.


  1. Carry on bags – Depending on the size and the number of gears that you are carrying with you, the requirement of the bag would differ. For a comfortable and trouble-free journey, you would want to carry a bag that is light and easy to carry. If you have a small drone such as a Phantom, then it’s really practical to carry a carry on bag. However, if you have got an expensive and bigger sized drone, than you shouldn’t risk the safety and prefer carrying a hard shell backpack.


  1. Knowing the local laws regarding drone – Most of the countries have uniform laws regarding drones, however as the drone is a recent phenomenon, there are countries which change their drone laws frequently. Recently India changed their laws regarding drone aviation and allowed people to fly them provided they adhere to the conditions specifically mentioned.


  1. Travel with a repair kit – Travelling to a faraway place without carrying the repair kit could be painful especially if you had planned to take some nice videos and footages. So it is wise to carry a repair kit so that you could deal with any discrepancies that may arise.


  1. Carry drone license – While traveling to some country, if you would somehow need to deal with the local authorities, a license would be handy to show some amount of authority. You could deal better with the local authorities if you show up them a license.


  1. Insuring the drone – Regardless of whether you are traveling or not, a drone must be insured. As it is made up of sophisticated materials and is fragile nature, it could get glitches in it or become completely useless. You must inside it, especially while traveling to some other countries as there exists more risk while not being in some place you are unaware of.


  1. Knowing the country where drones are banned – There is a list of countries which have either restricted the usage or altogether banned the flying of a drone. Some of the countries with the most stringent rules are as follow, Belgium, Egypt, Cuba, Morocco, Russia, among others. You could search on the internet or specifically look upon the laws of the country you are traveling to get an idea about the status of drones in the country. As violating some rules might cost you money or worse, led to behind bars.


  1. Take rechargeable batteries – On your journey, it wouldn’t be right to carry a one-time charge battery. We would suggest you take those which could be easily recharged.


  1. Pre-Flight Checkups – A faulty battery or an improperly placed propeller? These are the points that you must glance over before taking your drone on tour with you. You could check whether the propellers are working or not by just giving them a wiggle and ensuring their proper attachment as well as their working. You must also glance over the antennas to check if they are placed properly being able to get the signal or not. As if you miss out some point, then it would be difficult to compensate for those once you reach a foreign place. So it is better to be proactive and take these all points into consideration.


Now as these drones have become an integral part of our lives, there are several occasions when we need to carry them with us while traveling in planes or some other means of transport.


Drones have become an important part of our lives and have acquired significance in several professions. Not just for professionals, even amateur photographers and video makers have laid their hands upon these drones as it provides them with last good shots and point of view.


The advancements in UAV technology have made it accessible to the masses. These drones not only provided us with a new way to explore the world and reach place virtually which were earlier thought to be unexplorable. These high tech toys brought a revolution in the flying technology and led to change in our perspective of the world we live in. These devices could be easily be handled through the use of a remote. More technological progression provided the ease of handling these through the use of phone and tablets.


So these all are the points which are crucial to being kept in mind while carrying the drone as per your requirements. We hope that people would keep in mind the safety and security of others and their privacy and all these wouldn’t create any ruckus. Also allowing drones in to be flown certainly benefits the economy as it presents a picture of a country which is unseen.


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