My First Drone Flew Away and Lost

Looking at others flying their drone made my heart ache because I wanted to feel this beautiful gadget in my own hands and assure that I will fly it at least once in my life.
On my 22nd birthday, the doorbell rang. I went outside to see who was at the door but there was a huge packet gift wrapped with a card that had my name on it. It was surprising because I never had a secret admirer. I took the package inside and started to open it. You would not believe that there was a huge cardboard box inside with nothing on it. No pictures titles to give me an idea that what might be inside the box. When I opened the box, it was the latest camera drone lying inside waiting for me to touch it. I was shocked and surprised at the same time because it was hard for me to believe that I can get something amazing like a drone.
At that moment my parents and friends came inside through the front door, only to surprise me. They all collected money to buy me a drone because of how long I have been waiting for the technology. It was hard for me to express my options because having my own drone was like a dream come true. The best thing about the drone was that it was better and the latest version of what I was planning to buy.


The test flight was a new experience
You will not believe me, but in the beginning, I was scared of the drone. I was not ready to take it outside considering the fact that I might damage it. For the first few days, I kept it in the room and just looked at it because still, it was hard for me to believe that I had the drone in my hard. After almost four days I worked on my courage and confidence because it was time for me to fly the drone. To assure that nothing will happen to the product I took the drone to the biggest park in the area.

I started with the lowest speed and kept it at a height so, I can catch it easily to assure that nothing will happen to the drone and in case I make a mistake I can easily catch it before it touched the ground. It was a very exciting and refreshing experience for me. It took me a few days to understand all the features that my drone has as well as how to use the camera to record and capture some of the best images. I kept taking the drone for the test drive for the next few weeks to assure that I will learn to fly it properly. It helped me to learn many new things about the drone. My confidence enhanced with the passage of time and it was ready to take it on other journeys with me.


Over the mountains and across the sea
After a few months of flying the drone in different safe regions, I was ready to take my drone into different areas of Florida to assure that I can truly enjoy the benefits that come with the drone. We were planning to go on a hiking trick, so I packed my drone and assured that I could take it securely at the top. Once we reached the top, we took a break for 3 hours. It was the best chance for me to capture some shots from the air.

I floe the drone for 30 minutes because after that it was time to enjoy some lunch and music. We had a great time, and I was very happy because it got the chance to take some amazing shots of the mountain. However, I was unable to check them on the journey because it was dangerous for the drone. When I got back home I spent the whole night checking the images that I have taken and small videos that I recorded I must say the result and quality of the photos were amazing. I wanted to experiment more, so the next day I went to the nearest beach and flew the drone at a higher level to assure that I can capture most of the area. When it compared the shots that I took on the mountains and beach, was simply amazing. It was like looking at something from a height. It was not only mesmerizing but also mind-blowing. I loved to work I had done and was planning to improve it with the passage of time to assure that I can get better results.


I can’t believe I lost it
Experimenting with a drone is one thing and being overconfident is another. In my urge to try different things while flying the drone, it took it in my neighborhood because I was planning to capture the homes and buildings from the top. It was the worst mistake that I made because I lost the drone. You might have been wondering that how it was possible. Let me tell you how.
1. I did not take proper care of the battery of my drone. I overcharged it most of the time due to which I noticed that the battery timing was reduced.
2. When I left my home to fly the drone, I was assured that I could easily fly it for 20 minutes.
3. The only mistake that I made was I did not check the battery of the drone and it was already half. I was enjoying flying the drone but assure to keep it low because extra height might be dangerous.
4. Right after 10 minutes, it stopped receiving signals from the drone. Even the GPS system of the drone was not working.

I have been flying the drone for more than eight months and this is the first time, something like that happened. My body started to shiver and palms sweaty because I was unable to find the drone. I was scared that someone might steal it because there were no signals available. I tried to reach the place where I saw it for the first time. I was unable to receive any signals or find the drone. I was devasted because it was the worst day of my life. It felt like I have lost everything that I had. I had a hope in my heart that I might find it but at the same time, I was preparing for the worst that I might not be able to find it ever again.


Never knew it would be the best day of my life
After three days of losing my drone, I came back home from home still devasted that there is no news available related to my drone. I desperately wanted by drone back. While I was making myself dinner, I saw that the red light of the remote was blinking. I was shocked because the light only blinks when your drone is working or switched on. I was hopeful that the drone is somewhere near and it gave me the peace of mind. I also knew that might be a false alarm. However, I switched on the GPS system and started looking for the product. I got the address of the house that is a few homes away from my property. I started running towards the location and knocked at the door with the hope that I might find my drone.
A young boy of age 16 to 17 opened the door. I asked him that if he had found my drone and showed him the remote and all other items that could prove, he has my drone, he allowed me to enter the house and asked a few questions for his own verification. After that, he brought the drone and it was like I have found my life back. I was confused that how they found the brought. The boy told me that he was flying his own drone when through the camera he saw my drone stuck on the roof of his house. He took a ladder and brought it down. He did not know how to find the owner, so he charged it to assure that if the owner is nearby, he would be able to find the product. He was happy to help and getting the drone back in my own hands was the best time of my life.


Exploring the world in a new way
After finding the drone once again, I was extra careful with the product. The first thing that I did was to visit the nearest store and buy a new battery to assure that similar situation will not happen again. I paid attention to the charging time and assured that it would not be overcharged. As well as I check the battery timing of the drone before taking it outside to assure that the same situation will not happen again.

I am still exploring the world with my drone. I have been able to take many amazing shots of the product. The surprising part is that one of my friends shared the shots that I have taken using a drone with a famous photographer. From being a tech guy, I am a professional drone photographer. I did not know that I can turn into a photographer, however, I have kept this as a part-time and fun job because I still have my studies to finish and there are many other goals that I have to accomplish.

I consider myself lucky that I lost the drone while I was flying it in the neighborhood and the person who found it was honest due to which I have my product back. If you are flying the drone or planning to have one, assure that you pay attention to safety measures. Your drone or the things around it should not get damaged while you are flying drone. As well as assure that you pay special attention to the battery and do not make the mistakes that I have made. If you lose the drone in the forest, mountains or sea, you will not be able to get it back.


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