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21 Things you Must Know about Drone Photography

·         Look for a best symmetry: A bird eye view makes a best view which cannot be seen from the ground, so find the beauty from the drone photography. You should reveal the outstanding symmetry of the town or park. Try to capture the best mirror image.

·         Search for the dividing lines:  By directing the gaze of the viewer, sharp lines can make the composition of the shot. You can use this trick by playing with angles and see the magic. By using the trail or roads, frame your shot properly to extend the lines from top to bottom, left to right and corner to corner.

·         Capture unique patterns: Use your camera drone to look for the unique locations. You will be surprised to find out the unique patterns and shapes which exist on ground.

·         Flip the perspective: Drones give a best view from the sky, which no other camera can give you. To create an amazing illusion, take full advantage of the aerial view. You can also take help of the humans or things to get the best pose. To do the impossible photography, use your eye tricks. With the use of Mavic pro, the ordinary wall or a bench of the park, you can give the illusion of the ledge of a building.

·         Search for the contrasting colors: The vivid, bright and colorful objects are best for shooting. Take the stunning view from the sky. At more height you can get a better picture. Try to keep the dark and bright colors together and make a best contrast.

·         Use an aerial panorama: Try to use the camera drone panorama feature. It will give the whole view of a wider landscape. You can click the whole beauty without missing a unique scene. Fly your drone, then choose a best location, start the shot, rotate your drone camera and shot again.

·         Selfie: By using the camera drone, get the stunning selfies. By using the aerial perspective, you can take any selfie from the top of the ground. Try to have a best pose to get a best selfie.

·         Look for repetition: Some locations give a best view due to repetition. Arrange the objects carefully by using formulaic lines. A train station or a shipping yard gives the best collection of similar shape objects.  Get the best picture with the repeated objects.

·         Abstract shooting: You can get the unique abstract art with the drones. Fly your camera drone and search for the irregular shapes or curvy lines. Use your unique photography skills and capture the amazing shapes. Every place has a visual story, try to click it with your camera drones.

·         Capture shadows: To unlock your wildest imagination, look for the shadows from sky. The shadow stretches out when the sun is low, so try to project every activity and move. Your shadow is the best way to tell your moves.

·         Shot the horizon: Take a best view of the horizon. To get a breath-taking view, try to find the weird shapes and symmetrical lines with fantastic shadows. With a hard to reach angle and unique perspective, a horizon picture gives a deep life image with a camera drone.

·         Check the camera drone before flying it When you buy your drone, try to check some features. First try a preflight checklist. See the battery of the drone and its charging.  Check the different parts of the drone. See if the screw and propellers are safe enough to fly the drone. Check the micro card if you want to shot a film. This whole task will save you from the sudden failures.

·         Learn about drone controlling: During drone piloting, you should be the master of proper control. Start with the basic moves. Fly your drone from left to right and up to down. Learn about different types of movements and their view. Start your practice by focusing on a single object then take a next step and learn about shooting different moving elements.

·         Do more practice: Getting the best shooting or photography with a camera drone wants practice with skills. So, do copious practice by choosing a large area without any obstacle. Learn about new functions and buttons. Practice the new moves by using the buttons. Become more comfortable with drone and get more confidence. Try to handle the drone in challenging situations.

·         Turn off the drone before crashing: Crashing is inevitable. So, be prepared for it while flying the drone. Try to keep the visual contact but the best way to avoid any damage to the environment and living object is to cut the throttle immediately. In this way the rotors will stop spinning which will prevent the damage of the drone. Do more and more practice and ensure that you have minimized the harm.

·         Keep your drone in better sight: The best way to fly a camera drone is to keep it in your sight. You can see the potential hazard and obstacles by keeping the drone in your sight. Do not try to fly the camera drone out of the sight range. It is worst to have a drone accident with an unseen wall because it will be difficult to find the lost drone. According to the legal requirement of some areas, it is better to keep the drone in your sight.

·         Fly safe and obey the law: Before flying the drone, read all the drone safety rules.  You have to follow the rules and regulation of your country, city and area. To prevent any legal problem or injury, try to follow all mention rules. In many countries, you cannot fly your drone over the populated area or certain elevations. Do not try to fly near an animal or crowd.

·         Fly with care: Harsh and cloudy weather with windy days, make the flying of the drone difficult.  Try to check the weather conditions before flying. Make a best plan and ensure the condition before flying the camera drone. Be careful because wind can become a cause to hit your drone with the obstacle or wall.

·         Plan your shot before flying the drone: Make a solid plan just before flying. Imagine the shot before entering the sky. Use your skills and equipment to plan a best sequence in the environment. Drones have the limited time of flying, so utilize the time for the best shot.

·         Have the spare parts: Crashing of drone can cause loss of money along with loss of time. So, have all the spare parts. It will help you to continue your shooting activity by repairing the drone in the field. Look for the replaceable parts and rotors in the market. Also have an extra battery to continue the flying and shooting for long time.

Locate the best location for drone photography

Perspective of the photographer is more important than the location. A simple place with common objects can turn into a beautiful view by using the magical skills of the professional photographer.  By using the best position and angle, imagine a best location to start the shot. The pre planning and practice will help you alot in this field. To find out the best location you can do the following things.

·         Google Map: Google maps are available in every laptop, desktop, tablet and phones which help alot in photography planning. You can search for the best location for drone photography by adopting different ways. You can also zoom a selected location to get the view of the place before starting the shot. After selecting the location, you can also check the accessibility of the place by using the switch mood.

·         Have a solid plan: In order to get better information about drone usage for photography in the selected location use PIFP plant. It is the best app for the photographers. You can see the whole map on it. Even you can get the aerial view which will help you to search for the best place to start the photography with drone. You can take the help of other additional details like sunset and sunrise to get a stunning view. This app also gives you the detail of the light pollution which can affect your photos from drone.

·         Join the best community: Along with personal practice, try to join different communities. 500px is such a big community of photographers which have all the essential information which a photographer need. This app is not only helping the drone photographers but the common photographers are also learning tons about vantage points and angles of the photos. If you are at a specific place then use the app to search for the stunning photos taken around the place then get the further details from google earth.

·         Local meet up: By joining local meet up, you will get a lot of inspiration from the best drone photographers all over the world. It is better to connect with the people at local places who love drone photography. You can have a face to face talk with them to learn about their experiences. If you know people from your area who do drone photography then plan a local meet up with them and enjoy the drone photography.

·         Drone forums and user communities: If you want to meet drone users of the same place but you do not know them personally, then try to join the forums. Chat with the best drone photographers and connect with them on larger level by planning a local drone flying activity. You can plan a trip with them after selecting the best locations in the nearby area. Users can share lots of information about different photography tools and equipment on the forum.




Use one of the best camera drones of 2018:


Drone technology is getting advance day by day. DJI Mavic Air is the best pocket aircraft which can be used for photography. It is light in weight with four folding rotor arms and a 4K camera. You can click four styles of panorama images by simply selecting the panorama function. Its hand controller is small in size with a mini tablet and smart phone. It is affordable with a brilliant little flying ability. Its main features are:

·         Battery: 21 minutes

·         Wifi range: upto 80 metres

·         Maximum camera resolution: 4K/12 megapixels.

·         Transmitter range: 2.47 miles

Parrot Anafi:

Parrot Anafi just look like a giant mosquito. It has a 4K/21 megapixel camera with 3 axis gimbal. This camera is present at the front side with a lossless digital zoom function. Its weight is just 320 gram and it is easy to handle. The HD quality image streaming from camera drone to phone is very impressive. Its camera also supports adobe RAW/DNG format and high-density range shooting with efficient post production editing. Other features of this drone are

·         Battery life: 25 minutes

·         Maximum camera resolution: 4K megapixels

·         Transmitter Range: 2.4 miles

·         Portable with amazing camera zoom feature

Best higher end drone: (DJI Mavic Pro):

DJI Mavic Pro is one of the amazing portable drones which flies for more than 27 minutes. It also avoids the forward facing obstacles and capture the best shot with its 4K video. It is light in weight and make less noise in air. It can be operated with the use of an Android phone via Wi-Fi.  Smart phone holder is integrated with the pocket size controller. The gesture control feature allows the users to click the selfies with arm waving or hand shapes. Other main features of this higher end drone are:

·         Battery life: 27 minutes

·         Max camera resolution: 4K video

·         Amazing HD and 4K footage

·         Obstacle avoidance

·         Range: 4.2 miles

Best selfie drone (DJI Spark):

DJI spark has a propeller arm which do not fold. It has the rock steady and front obstacle avoidance feature. For smooth video footage, DJI spark has a mechanical stabilizer (two axis). Its camera capture 12 megapixel photos and 1080p video. The battery allows flight time of 16 minutes. The other features are

·         Wifi range: 100 meters

·         Max camera resolution: 1080p

·         Flies better and click stunning selfies.

Best camera drone (U49C red heron quadcopter drone):

U49C red heron quadcopter is considered as the best camera drone for the beginner drone pilots. For the long-time flight, it has an advance extra battery which is great for the spare motors which add more value to the drone. The other features are:

·         Drone altitude hold with a rubber damping camera keeps your flight steady and stabilize camera make a high-quality HD image.

·         Handy low battery signal alarm and headless mode make this drone perfect for the kids.

·         Due to Fly easy by remote feature, a mobile device is needed to control the drone.

Best drone for high quality aerial photography (DJI Phantom 4 Pro):

DJI phantom has a remote controller with a 5.5-inch bright screen. It’s one-inch CMOS sensor can capture the high quality 4K footage with phenomenal 60 frames per second. In case of emergency, it avoids the obstacles and follow the same route in its return to home procedure. It has a large upgraded battery which allows the fly time of 30 minutes. If you love cinematography then Mavic Pro is the complete and convenient camera drone in the market. Other features are:

·         Range: 4.2 miles

·         Maximum camera resolution: 4K video

·         With one-inch sensor amazing camera.

·         Obstacle avoidance from all sides

·         Excellent battery timing.

Best large drone with camera (Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus):

The brand Yuneec develops comparatively large drones in which tornado H920 plus is the largest one. It is an expensive camera drone which offers the secure, smooth and stable video capturing features. The previous H920 plus is become more advance in the form of H920 with better control flight control and camera options. Its price is $2968.

What is the best buying guide?

Before buying the drone, ask your-self why you want it. Are you looking for the best drone for filming or aerial photography? The drone price depends upon the power or range of the drone, quality of the material and additional specific accessories.

You have to select the level of your skills i.e. beginner or expert. If you want to click the odd and stunning photos from the bench then look for a selfie camera. If you want the high-quality photography or shooting then look for the HD camera drones.

How video editing is performed?

Video editing can be easily done with the help of the video editing software. Even after shooting with a drone, you want video editing to make your shot more stunning.  There should be many video editing tools and feature which you can use such as Split feature and easy cutting, brightness/color correction, video zooming, video stabilization tool and footage speed setting.

Safety tips

·         After buying the drone for photography, you have to follow some safety tips:

·         Do not fly above 400ft from the ground.

·         Avoid to fly the drone near airfield and airport.

·         Do not fly near an aircraft.

·         Observe the drone movement all the time.

·         Keep it away from public property and crowd.


Best drone photography depends upon various factors i.e. area selection, flying experience, shadows or things selection and video editing skills. You can get the best shooting or photography tips from the experience drone photographers via the forums, local gathering or online communities, and remember to fly safe.

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