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5 Best Drones you can Buy Now and How to Choose

DJI Mavic Air:

DJI’s Mavic Air is the most technically advanced drone in the market which is the combination of Mavic Spark and Pro. Mavic Air can be easily fold to a smaller size and it is the small drone just like Spark. By using gesture control, this drone is flown in the air but it captures high quality video 4K video just like Mavic. The other amazing standout features of Mavic air includes.

·         Tap Fly: will help you to fly the drone by tapping the screen of the mobile in forward, backward, right or left direction. You can also adjust the flight speed according to your aerial needs.

·        Active Track:  will help you to track different objects simultaneously. You can choose the right direction easily. It is equipped with best tracking precision which will help you to follow the target even when it is jumping, running, moving or cycling.

·         Smartcapture will help the user to take the photos and shot the video with the hand gestures.

·         Quick shoots: has many amazing options i.e. circle, dronie, asteroid, rocket and boomerang. The shots can be uploaded on the social media by using DJI GO 4app.

·         Advance features: It has many additional features such as 3 axis gimbal, 32 MP sphere panoramas, 21 minutes max flight time, 3 directional environmental sensing and gesture control with smart capturing.

U49C red heron quadcopter drone:

For the beginner drone pilot, U49C red heron quadcopter is the best camera drone. It has an advance extra battery which is great for the long-time flight and the spare motors which add additional value to the drone. The other features are:

·         Handy low battery signal alarm and headless mode make this drone perfect for the kids.

·         Drone altitude hold with a rubber damping camera keeps your flight steady and stabilize camera make a high-quality HD image.

·         Due to Fly easy by remote feature, a mobile device is needed to control the drone.

U45 Raven RC quadcopter:

It is another awesome drone with the price $59.99. To capture the aerial photos with 720p high quality, this drone equipped with an HD camera. It has a headless mode, so you do not need to adjust the orientation and position of the drone before flying. It has a one touch landing and take-off so drone hover automatically at a set altitude before landing and after take-off which make it perfect for beginners. Its altitude hold function make it perfect for the beginners because it remains stable in air and can be handled easily. Other features are

·         HD camera: It has a 4GB SanDick Micro SD card and a camera which can click the high-quality aerial photos and shots the video perfectly.

·         Flight time: 7-9 minutes.

·         Headless mode: It flies straight out of the box without adjusting the orientation and position of the aircraft before flying.

·         360-degree flip or stunts:  You can impress the audience with the amazing 3D tricks with help of the push button.

·         Altitude hold function: The controlling of the drone become easy with the altitude hold function because it stabilizes the aerial photography.

DJI Inspire 2:

DJI inspire 2 is the latest model in the market which is more powerful than the previous ones. If it is observed in detail, then inspire 2 drone has 2 amazing cameras. One is mounted on the front side of the aircraft for best first-person view while other is present under the aircraft with 360-degree rotation of the camera.  This amazing drone has a dual operator mode, the videographer or photographer control the bottom camera system while the pilot in command control the front mounted camera to view the front side while flying. ZenMuse X7 is compatible with inspire 2. This camera is recently launched by DJI and considered as a great camera for aerial cinematography. Other main features are:

·         Max speed: 67 mph

·         Max flight time: 26 minutes

·         Camera resolution: DNG raw mode 30 MP

·         Video resolution: 4K at 60 FPS or 5.2 K at 30 FPS.

·         Main attributes: Two camera, dual operator mode, obstacle avoidance

Yuneec H520:

Yuneec is one of the high-quality drones with aerial camera which is best for the business or professional needs of the buyers. The H520 is equipped with 360-degree gimbal camera, six advance motors and retractable landing gear with the latest ultra HD 4k video. This drone is specially launched for the stunning professionals and industrial use. It comes with a data storage to deliver the video directly in 20Mp or 4K/HD or shared it immediately from the specific ST16S ground station. It can fly at large distance from the object due to the large focal length lenses. Other features are:

·         Max Altitudes: 500m

·         Remote control: ST16S

·         Max flight time: 25 minutes

·         Main features: Obstacle avoidance, better redundancy, hexacopter, 360-degree camera.

·         Weight: 3.6 lbs. (without gimbal and with battery).

DJI phantom 3 (Professional drone):

It is one of the best drones with it amazing camera. After the release of different models (4K, standard, advanced) it is launched in the market. This drone is specially developed for the professional pilots and it offers 23 minutes flight time, 4K video and 5 km control distance whopping. This quadcopter has 5 advanced flight modes: Point of interest, course lock, home lock, waypoint and follow me. The other additional features are:

·         Max flight time:  23 minutes.

·         Video resolution: 4K at 30 FPS.

·         Max speed: no wind, 18m/s inATTI ode

·         Camera resolution: 12 MP

·         Main attributes: quality aircraft with Lower cost

9 cool things drone can do:

·         Security: In emergency, many sectors are using drones to control the situation. They are used to preserve the evidence and to coordinate several operations for security.

·         Rescue and search: Drones are also used for rescuing and searching purpose. For example, by using specific measuring equipment, drones can be used in firefighting to analyze the amount of specific gases in air (CO2 or CO).

·         Research and science: Scientists take alot of help from drones. In order to analyze the specific environment or determine different occurrence in surrounding, drones are used in research work.

·         Inspection: Drones can also be used to check several systems like pipelines, power lines a wind turbine.

·         Surveillance: Police consider it, a best tool. It is the suitable tool to monitor protests, public events or any suspicious incident because it allows the monitoring and recording from the sky.

·      Mapping: Drones develop a high quality 3-D map with the help of the laser scanner and multi spectral camera. Due to these essential equipments, drones are used in various fields i.e. photogrammetry, remote sensing, mapping, surveying and precision agriculture.

·         Aerial video making and photography: Dones with the high-quality HD camera are mostly used to shot footage of high quality and take fascinating pictures from the sky.

·         Cargo system: To deliver light weight bundles and packages of all types, drones can serve in delivering. It is the best mean of an eco- friendly, safe and fast transport in air.

·        Entertainment and military use: Drones can also perform various acrobatics in the air. For entertainment, various commercial drones come with short distance control technology. While military used long range drones for mapping and other purposes. The micro and mini drones are mostly used for the entertainment. Kids can easily handle them. They are easy to control with a remote.

Features to look for:

·         Equipment: The essential components of all types of drones are similar with a transmitter, receiver, water roof motor frame, motor or flight controller, batteries and propellers. Drone is a ready to use gadget but many people like to decorate it with the use of kits and other accessories.

·      Additional equipments: Light composite material is used for the production of drones to reduce its weight and increase the speed while flying. It is equipped with various additional equipments i.e. GPS guided missiles, cameras, navigation system, Global Positioning System, sensors etc.

·         Variety: Drones are available in the market in wide range of sizes, shapes and with several functions.  Many models of drones are launched by hands but they are controlled from specific ground cockpits with the help of a remote. Kids can easily handle the drones due to its simple technology.

How to choose a drone:

There are many models in the market which can be categorized on the basis of size, features and price.

Drones with large range: The main purpose of this drone is to reach the remote distance.  These drones can stay in air for 36 hours and can fly more than 30.000 ft above the common sea level.

Drones with medium range: The main aim of this drone is weather forecasting. These drones have a range of 650 km.

Short range drones: These drones can stay in air for 11 hours and can fly upto 150 km.

Types on the basis of size:

Smallest drones:

All the smallest drones available in the market fall under this category. They are further classified into two main types: Mini and Nano drones.

Nano drone has the small dimensions similar to insects and considered as the smallest drone in the market. While mini drones are 50 cm in length with better features and powerful electric motor than the Nano drones.

Both models can easily reach the remote locations and mostly used by the military for smaller tasks and spying. Several mini and micro drones are also used by the ordinary people with a radius between 1 to 3km and they can remain in air for 10-20 minutes only.

Small size drones:

These dones are very famous in the market with it amazing features and affordable price.  Small size drones are thrown in the air to start the flying activity because they do not have powerful motors. The drones included in this category have dimensions ranges from 50cm to 2m.

The small drones are released in the market for the average customers and they have a radius of 5 km. These drones can remain in air for 20 to 40 minutes.

Medium size drones:

The drones with a wing span ranges from 5m to 10m are included in the category of medium drones. These drones have powerful motors and can carry the weight up to 200 kg. A single person cannot handle this done, so it is not for the ordinary people.

These drones are best for the transportation of goods or to map a location by the military. These drones are light in weight with a smaller size. They can remain in air for 6 hours and can fly up to 50 km.

Big drones:

The drones with the wings larger than 10 m are included in the category of big drones. These drones are mostly used by the army and they have dimensions similar to aircraft. Because this drone is considered as an aircraft so it cannot be used by a common person.

Mostly these drones have the additional missiles and weapons, so they are used in case of high risk and tactical attack. In near future the aircrafts will be replaced by the big drones.

Types on the basis of main features:

Selfie drone:

DJI spark is the high-quality drone in the market. This drone is little bit expensive but best for those people who want to capture the amazing videos and photos with the best quality drone. The advance features help to take your photo creation and flying to the next level. The main features include.

·         High quality camera for stabilized video and amazing images.

·         Intelligent Flight smart modes.

·         Shots free from shaking.

·         Face aware feature to spark lifting from the hand after face recognition.

·         2 Axis mechanical stabilization gimbal.

If you want to get a best affordable selfie drone then you can choose Hover Camera Passport or Yuneec Breeze 4K. The breeze has a specific mode and it can be easily adjusted to get the best scene around you while flying the drone. If you are fed up to control the drone with the phone then you can use small controller for Yuneec. This drone is super portable due to the passport unique folding and the propellers are protected with the frame.

Camera drone:

DJI’s is one of the most innovative and newest products. It will shot the professional video and a best quality picture while flying. The Mavic air is able to capture 12MP photos and stunning 4K videos. It is one of the advance and powerful drones in the market.

·         DJI Mavic Pro will take the technology to the next level. It’s the most demanding drone in the market with lots of amazing features:

·         Advance OcuSync transmission system to fly up to 4.3 transmission range. It can fly up to 64 km/h and can remain in air for 27 minutes.

·         You can take it everywhere due to its simple folding feature. It folds like a small water bottle.

·         The flight reliability and safety is increased due to the obstacle avoidance feature along with sensor redundancy.

·         Precise outdoor and indoor positioning is possible due to the vision positioning along with GLONASS and GPS.

·         Tap Fly, Active Track and many advance features make the professional video shot effortless.  A smooth footage is possible with the true 4K.

Advance battery drone:

The holy stone quadcopter is the affordable best quality drone in the market. It has a HD 1080P camera which has 120 wide angles with the capabilities to get clear picture and recording. It has a long bonus battery and additional features:

·         Speed control

·         100m control rage.

·         Emergency stop.

·         Automatic altitude hold.

·         6axis gyro.

·         Low voltage protection.

·         Controllable led light.

WIFI drone:

The Toyen GordVE is an expensive WIFI drone and worth it. It will allow you to connect your smart phone to gain a drone eye view while flying the drone. A fully charged drone can last from 8 to 10 minutes. It is specially designed to get a quite flight so camera gets minimal noise from the surroundings and this feature improves the quality of the audio and video. The other main features are:

·         One key 360 roll.

·         Low or High-speed mode to reduce the difficulty of learning for the beginners.

·         Headless mode.

·         The advance 6 axis flight controlling system.

Mini pocket drone:

Mini pocket drone is considered as the smallest drone in the market. Within an affordable price it gives the best quality performance. This mini pocket drone is a best option for the beginners who are looking for a low-price drone in the market. It has many amazing features like.

·         Stronger wind resistance.

·         Strong stability.

·         Key take-off or landing.

·         3.6 Axis gyro quad rotorcraft flight.

·         Altitude hold mode

·         Headless mode.



5 best websites to buy drones:

The main websites which can be used to buy your favorite drones are:

· It is a Hong Kong based website which sells the products from Tarot, Walkera and DJI etc.

· Is the website to buy radio control Walmart.

· Here you can find high quality components, FPV frames and other things etc.

· Every type of drone is available here.

· It is the most important website for drones.

Tips and advice about flying drones:

·         Keep yourself 5 miles away from airports.

·         With FAA, register your drone immediately.

·         Do not try to fly more than 400 feet from the ground.

·         Without permission, do not fly over the public.

·         Do not fly over any government sector.

·         Do not fly over personal property.

·         Do not fly in national or public parks.

·         If police approach you, then be humble, and move on.

·         Do not fly over crime scene or fire, that is not cool.

The future:

Due to the sudden increase in the technology of drones, various types of this special aircraft are launched in the market with different features. Drones have numerous applications and it is becoming famous day by day, so the future of drones is very bright. Better drones are releasing in the market with advance technology. It is used for surveillance, transportation to remote areas and capturing pictures. In future it is expected to get more storage space and better cameras.

You should buy your favorite drone after analyzing the requirements and demands. There are various drones available in the market with different features, so you should get your best drone by choosing the right category. You can join an online drone community to get better knowledge. There are various online forums on the internet where you can ask different questions. If you have great knowledge about drones then help the beginners and enjoy the drone flight.

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